Molly – Books 1 & 2 (by jfclover)


Molly by jfclover

Summary:   I wrote this story four years ago and spent the past few weeks revising and bringing it up to speed.  Although it was never posted in the old library, it can’t be posted here either.  If anyone’s interested in reading, see my email address below.

This is a story of a young girl who lives with her grandfather on the southernmost border of the Ponderosa in an old line shack the Cartwrights abandoned years ago. After Joe has an unfortunate accident, he meets the girl and her grandfather and the story takes off from there.

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and this story was definitely written for a mature audience only.  Rated M Sexual content.  WC 61,000

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Author: jfclover

I fell in love with Joe Cartwright when I was ten years old and over the years, nothing's changed, In 2010, I was goaded into writing my first fanfic, which has become a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. I hope you enjoy my stories.

28 thoughts on “Molly – Books 1 & 2 (by jfclover)

  1. JFC, this was a very well-written story. It was difficult content, but you handle it wonderfully. You are a great story teller.

  2. This story was incredible! Thank you so much for sending it to me. The subject matter was so difficult and you did an exceptional job handling it. You do such a phenomenal job describing things. Molly is such a wonderful character. I loved her. You showed a side of Joe that was so strong and loving. I really liked him standing up to Ben. Always bothered me that 30 year old men were told when to go to bed. I cried my eyes out but thought you had the most perfect ending. The last four lines were the best. this is one of my favorite Bonanza stories ever

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this story, Neano. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Thanks so much for letting me know you thought Molly was a worthwhile read.

  3. OMG Pat that was great! I really got sucked in right from the beginning.

    I hear alot of older people claim that back in the day people were not so bad.But they were! It was hidden. Where as today, it’s more in the open.

    Just a question though. Was that actually true about a father having relations with a daughter not being illegal in Nevada?

    I also liked how you slipped in the Silent Thunder reference.

    It helped me with visualizing Joe telling Mollie “No! You don’t love me! That’s wrong!”

    Great job!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Tonya, and no, there weren’t too many child protection laws in those days. Though this isn’t a story that suits everyone’s liking, I’m thrilled you enjoyed reading Molly. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated!

  4. A very hard story to read, but because of the excellent way you wrote this tragic tale, I have to say you did a fine job Pat. The horror of what Molly went through is as relevant today as it was back in the 1860s, as similar scenarios have been widely reported during the past couple of years. Having the courage to take on such difficult subject matter that many fanfic writers – myself included – could never do, shows just how confident a writer you’ve become Pat. Well done.

    1. You’ve always been my cheerleader, dodo, and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me along the way. When I first began writing, my stories were horrid, but you always encouraged me to continue. You read all of those never-ending sagas and there was never a discouraging comment. Always the positive. Thanks for reading Molly. This one is special to me and though it’s not for everyone, I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

  5. You make Molly a very believable character, and I’m impressed with how you turned such a tricky subject into a very plausible Bonanza story. If they were making Bonanza today, I suspect it’s a subject that might well be tackled – the series didn’t shy away from awkward issues of the day. I was fascinated to watch how Joe tried to handle the situation, treading dangerous and fragile territory with nothing but the desire to do right to guide him.

    Poor Molly was destined for tragedy, wasn’t she? But I’m glad you brought us her story. Thanks for something very different to the usual.

    1. I’m so glad you read this story, Inca. It’s not for everyone and you’re right, it’s not a normal Bonanza story. Not that this type of thing didn’t go on back in the day, but the story couldn’t have been told properly on ’60s television. Thanks so much for leaving your comments. Much appreciated!

  6. I just finished reading Molly and am feeling emotionally numb. This sad story shows how an innocent act (Joe trying to help Molly) can lead to something horrific in the end. Some of the characters in the story make me think of Henry David Thoreau’s famous quote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” This is shown in Molly’s hopelessness to her lot in life and Martha trying to cope with what was going on. Well worth reading.

    1. Hi Kim. Thanks so much for reading and leaving your comments. Though Molly’s tale isn’t a happy one, I’m glad you stuck with the story to the end. Sometimes a man’s best isn’t good enough and that was the case here. Joe tried to do the right thing but in the end, his best wasn’t good enough. Thanks again for reading!

  7. First, Thank you that you posted this Story only on request. The theme is such sensitive that only adult Readers should get it.

    Nevertheless the theme you have written a wonderful Story.

    1. Thanks for reading, Helga. Molly is definitely an adult story and not a subject every reader is comfortable with. Your comments are much appreciated!

  8. This story is horrifying and scary but so honest and truthful. My heart just cried for Molly throughout reading this. This is something that has gone on for centuries and still goes on today. Joe did his very best to help Molly with terrible circumstances. The ending was quite a surprise. Much recommended read but with many tissues on hand.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, dmc, and thanks for taking time to comment on Molly. Although this isn’t a story for everyone, I’m glad you thought it was worthwhile.

  9. I agree 100% with pjb, this is a story for mature audiences only. It’s not a lighthearted romp in the hay or for the fainthearted. Jfclover, you took a very delicate subject and did it justice. Of all the Cartwrights I think Joe would have been the only one truly able to deal with this type of problem. That said, only an older Joe, a younger Joe wouldn’t have had the maturity to deal all the different aspects. It’s not a comfortable subject, but it is something that is all too real now and back then. I do think Joe should have thought harder on Molly living with Mrs. McGinley. I’m sure that loving woman would have gladly taken the girl in and encouraged frequent visits from Joe. Just saying… Oh! And where did that toad of a doctor graduate from? Idiots University??? What a pompous, arrogant, wuss.

    1. Granted, this isn’t a fluff story and, according to the “like” button, readers loved it or hated it. The subject matter hits a nerve, but that was the purpose of this story. You’re right, Karol, Molly isn’t for everyone, and I appreciate that you took time to read but more so, that you let me know how you felt after you read this story. Also, thanks for letting me know how much you loved Carson City’s new doctor! He’s a piece of work, isn’t he?

  10. I feel the story was touching and relevant to today. It was beautifully written even with the subject matter. It was a story of truth and justice, love and deceit. I could so endear myself to Molly being a child of sexual abuse myself (non-family member). Little Joe was all things good and perfect and she felt so undeserving. I cried when I read the final words. IT WAS A GREAT READ!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Wanda. This story really did hit close to home, and I hope it wasn’t an uncomfortable read. Your comments were beautifully written and much appreciated. Thanks again!

  11. A heartbreaking story of good and evil, sunlight and darkness, the best intentions and how they can fall short. To “like” or “dislike” this story seems so simplistic. Perhaps the question is whether the reader was moved or disturbed by the events that unfolded, how fervently she hoped for good to triumph over evil, or how she ached for Joe and Molly as they misunderstood each other and those misunderstandings led to silences and lies in a downward spiral that seemed as though it might suck everyone into its vortex.

    Highly recommended for the mature reader.

    1. Thanks for reading, Jo. I realize the subject matter might be uncomfortable for some readers, but I greatly appreciate your comments. Thanks so much!

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