Men of Steel (by Inca / aka Tye)

Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!

MA rated for sexual content

2780 words


My response to the 2017 Bonanza Brand Anniversary  “R” rated challenge


Men of Steel

“No,” said Hoss.  “Don’t you even think about it, Little Joe.  The answer is N-O, no!”

He could tell by the grin on Little Joe’s face his protest was in vain.

“Too late,” said Little Joe, “I’ve already thought about it, and I’m going, anyways.  You can stay here if you like.”

“Pa’ll have a blue fit.”

“Pa’s on his way to San Francisco.  He won’t be back for weeks.  Anyway, I haven’t gotten the job yet.  Betcha every fella in Virginia City is hammering on the door of the Soiled Dove Society for this one.”

“You don’t even know what the job is yet.”  Hoss stabbed his finger at the back page of the Territorial Enterprise, spread out on the bar in front of them.  “All it says is that they want a man of steel.”  He gave a shrug.  “Could mean anything.”

Joe’s eyes glinted and his grin turned from mischievous to plain naughty.  “They ain’t gonna find a man with more steel than I got down here.”  He tapped his groin and Hoss rolled his eyes.  “Now, you coming with me, or not?”

Hoss sighed as he gathered up the paper, shoving it hastily inside his vest and glancing around him with apologetic eyes, as if he could just see Pa striding through the saloon door and bearing down on them, with thunder in his eyes.

“Dagnabbit, Joe,” he muttered, as he hurried after his headstrong younger brother, “this just better not land us in any more trouble.”



Three days later, they were sitting on the front seat of a wagon, driving to Placerville.

“I need a strong man,” Pearl had said when they’d turned up at the appointed hour for the interview.  “A man who can handle a gun.  And a man we can trust.  And most importantly, a man of honor.  A man who will treat us with respect and see us safely to Placerville.”

“That’s me, ma’am,” said Little Joe, with certainty.

She’d smiled at him then, her smoky-gray eyes roving over him as though weighing him up and liking what she found.  “Yes, I believe you are.  There’s certainly steel in a Cartwright.”

“What’s more,” said Little Joe, “you’d get two for the price of one.”  He gestured at Hoss, hovering by the door, a small apologetic smile of embarrassment on his face.  “Hoss and I’d do the job together, but you’d only have to pay for one.  That’s got to be safer, hasn’t it?”

And Pearl had looked at Hoss, and had to agree.



And so, they’d got the job: three ladies of the night—and their belongings—to be safely escorted and delivered to Placerville.  Even Hoss had had to admit it should have been the job of his dreams.  So, why was he feeling troubled?

“So,” said Hoss, staring at the horses’ backs as the wagon trundled along the dusty trail, “when Pearl said ‘man of steel’, she meant ‘man of honor’?”

“Yep,” said Little Joe.

Hoss gave a little nod. “Yeah, that’s what I figured.  Only thing that don’t make sense to me though is why she gave the job to you.”

Joe twisted his face into an expression of hurt.

“I’m honorable!”  He thought about that for a moment.  “If I have to be.”

“Yeah?” Hoss’s brow came down.  “But are you gonna be honorable for five whole days and four nights,” he gestured with his head at the wagon behind him, “with them three pretty ladies flouncing and wiggling all over the place? Them gals, they sure know how to tempt a feller.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”  For a moment, Joe looked troubled.  “Pearl only has to smile at me, and wham!  Well, you know.”

“Yeah, I know all right!”  Hoss groaned.  “Five days with a permanent boner.  This is gonna be torture, Little Joe.”

Joe face cleared again, and broke into another undefeated grin.  “Cheer up.  It ain’t so bad.  Sure beats riding fence and chasing cows.  Three pretty women in the wagon, the sun’s shining, and what’s more, we’re even getting paid for this.”

Hoss thought about that, pulled a face and shrugged.  “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“’Course I’m right,” said Joe.  “I’m always right.”

“Hmm,” said Hoss, unconvinced.



He was right to doubt his cocky little brother.  They’d pledged their honor to Pearl, but it seemed to Hoss the ladies were going out of their way to make it as difficult as possible for them to keep their word.

“They’re doves, of course,” said Hoss on their second day out from Virginia City.  “Guess modesty don’t come natural when you’re in that line of work.  But I sure wish they wouldn’t climb in and out of the wagon in those flimsy nightdresses.  I swear I saw Miss Marcie’s legs right up to her thigh.  What’s a feller to do, Joe?”

It didn’t get any easier the third day when they camped by the lake.  Hoss led the horses down to water, and as he started back to the wagon, Marcie and Miriam flounced past him, wrapped in nothing more than cotton towels, so that his eyes just about popped out of his head.  Giggling, they danced on the water’s edge, and to Hoss’s agony, dropped the towels on the ground, and jumped, laughing and splashing, into the shallows.

He tried hard to drag his eyes away, he really did, but the sight of two nymphs frolicking, naked, in the water was mesmerizing.  All that soft white flesh, quivering and bouncing, he could barely breathe.

It was the appearance of Pearl that shattered the moment.  There she stood, like a stern school ma’am, hands on hips, one eyebrow raised.

“Steel resolve, Hoss,” she reminded him.  “Steel resolve.”

He felt the blood suffuse his cheeks, as though he were a schoolboy caught doing something naughty.

“I was just…seeing to the horses, Miss Pearl,” he told her, acutely conscious of the giveaway erection attempting to thrust its way out of the front of his pants, “and making sure the gals come to no harm.”

A flicker of amusement crossed her face.  “Of course,” she said.  “Very good of you, Hoss.  I’ll call you, should we require any assistance/”

“Dang, Joe!” he exclaimed to his brother, in lowered tones, when he got back to the wagon.  “Miss Marcie and Miss Miriam, they’re down there, just behind those rocks, nekkid as the day they were born, jumping about in the water.  Stark nekkid, Joe!  All their bits and pieces just plain to see.”

Joe’s eyes widened and he started instantly in the direction Hoss had indicated, but his brother hauled him back.

“You can’t go down there,” he hissed.  “Miss Pearl’s on guard.”

“You did!” protested Joe.

“Yeah, but she sent me packing.  ‘Steel resolve’, that’s what she said to me. ‘Steel resolve’.”

Joe’s voice rose in muted indignation.  “That ain’t fair, Hoss.  I want to see all them naked bits too!”



By the fourth day, thwarted lust had made them both scratchy and ill-tempered.  Marcie and Miriam walked alongside the wagon, and Hoss could have sworn they were making eyes in his direction, but every time he looked around, they simply huddled together, giggling like schoolgirls.  Even their girlish laughter had the power to make his balls ache with unbearable longing.

“Hey, Joe,” he said to his brother when they’d stopped for a break and the ladies were out of earshot, “when we get to Placerville tomorrow, the first thing I’m gonna do is find me a nice little whorehouse and let off all this steam I been building.”  He rubbed his aching groin.  “Sure hope they build them whorehouses strong in Placerville.”

They made camp near the river that last night.  The day had been hot and the sun, even as it made its way towards the horizon, was still warm in the sky.  As he did every evening, Hoss led the horses down to the water’s edge to drink, his stomach rumbling in anticipation of his dinner.  As he made his way back up the grassy slope, Marcie and Miriam were on their way down, heads together and laughing as they always seemed to be.  As thick as thieves, those two, he thought, but still his gaze was held, and once again, his tortured penis sprang to instant attention.  They had shed their dresses and were wearing only silk camisoles and lacey drawers.

“We’re going to freshen up,” said Miriam, with another flick of those dark lashes in Hoss’s direction.  “Put our feet in the water.  The day’s been so warm.”  She thrust out her dainty white foot towards Hoss, all her pretty toes wiggling delightfully.

Miriam’s little hand tugged at the bodice of the thin camisole, as if to fan cool air over the plump swell of her bosom, and Hoss caught a tantalizing glimpse of the two fleshy mounds beneath.  Suddenly he was hotter than ever.

He licked his lips and touched the brim of his hat.  “Take care, ladies.  The current is faster than it looks, here.”

Marcie gave him her wide, dimpled smile.  “Perhaps you should come with us, Hoss.  Make sure we don’t get into any danger.  A man as strong as you would make any girl feel safe.”

The horses had already lowered their heads to the grass bank to graze unconcernedly, so Hoss left them where they were and followed the two girls down to the river’s edge, mesmerized by the sway of soft, female flesh beneath the white silk. Before they’d even reached the bank, Marcie had pulled her flimsy top over her head and was running the last few feet into the water’s edge, neat breasts bouncing lightly as she ran.  As she knelt to splash her face with cool, clear water, the fullness of her smooth, round buttocks beneath her drawers drove all thoughts of food from Hoss’s mind.

Miriam, seeing his fascination, giggled.  “Do you think she’s pretty?” she asked.

“Very pretty,” said Hoss, his eyes glued on Marcie’s curvaceous backside

“And me?  Do you think I’m pretty too?”

He dragged his eyes around.  She was smiling at him as she lifted the hem of her camisole, drawing it slowly upward, revealing a bosom fuller and rounder than Marcie’s, with big, dark nipples that made his mouth water with longing.

“Well?” she said, pulling back her shoulders, the better to show off the delectable pair of plump mounds.

“Miss Miriam,” he breathed, eyes wide, “you and Miss Marcie are the prettiest girls I ever saw.”

Marcie bounced back up the bank.

“Come and freshen up too, Hoss.”

He looked round quickly for any sign of Pearl, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Aw, shucks,” he said, “why not?”

Marcie’s eager hands helped him shrug the vest from his shoulders while Miriam’s nimble fingers unbuttoned the front of his shirt.  Marcie ran her hands over his bared torso.

“Oh Hoss,” she murmured, “you’re so big, so strong!  Look, Miriam, look how big his hands are.”  She took his large hand in her small one and placed it over the neat mound of her pink-tipped breast.

Miriam giggled as she took his other hand to try it against her own larger bosom.  Hoss breathed a sigh of delight as he tested the weight of each: one plump, one firm; both utterly perfect.

“We like a big man,” Miriam told him, her fingers already at his belt.

“The bigger, the better,” said Marcie, her hands reaching beneath her friend’s to undo the buttons of his fly.

“Ooh, Hoss!” said Marcie as his pants parted and she pulled open the front of his drawers, “You do think we’re pretty, don’t you?”  She gave a naughty giggle. “Just as well there are two of us.  You’ve heard that saying, haven’t you Hoss, ‘two mouths are better than one’?”

Hoss drew a sharp gasp.  “I ain’t never heard that saying, Miss Marcie, but I sure like the sound of it!”



“I’ll go collect some wood for the fire,” said Joe to Pearl.  Hoss was about to head down to the river with the horses, and from the wagon, he could hear Marcie and Miriam giggling and murmuring together, as if they were plotting something between them.  They were a pretty pair, but for Joe, it was the knowing look in Pearl’s smoky-gray eyes that made his belly contract with hot desire whenever she spoke to him or looked in his direction.

“I’ll come too,” she said, and something in her tone made Joe look at her twice, but her face gave nothing away.

As he gathered wood, he could sense her eyes watching him.  Thinking about those smoky eyes and the way they seemed to know all his secret longings caused his groin to swell and harden, so that he had to shift uncomfortably as he crouched to pick up fallen branches.  But he’d given his word that he was a man of honor, and although he was now wishing he hadn’t been so rash in his pledge, he had to be true to his promise.

Balanced on his haunches, the fabric of his pants stretched tight across his butt, the unmistakable sensation of a hand on his backside caused him almost to topple over with surprise.

“You know why I chose you for this job, Little Joe?” she murmured into his ear, from behind, her hand moving across his buttocks.

“Because I’m a man of honor?” he said, his voice rising to a squeak as she felt her way down the center seam of his trousers, her fingers pausing to explore the squashed contours of his scrotum.

She laughed.  “Well yes. That too.  But mainly I chose you because of this cute little ass of yours.  I’ve been itching to get my hands on this.”

She leaned into him and he toppled forward onto his knees, letting go of his firewood.

“Mmmm,” she murmured appreciatively, still feeling her way around his backside.  Silently, Joe echoed the sentiment.

She had both hands on his ass now.  They felt their way outwards, around his hips, and met again at the front of his straining trousers.

“My man of steel,” she whispered into his ear, her fingers examining the bulge of his swollen cock, then up to the buckle of his belt.  They unfastened him swiftly, belt and fly. Then they were back on his ass, pushing down his pants, massaging the bare flesh underneath, her breath hot in his ear. “I love this butt!  I just love this butt!  Lie down; I want to kiss it.”

He was finding it hard to breathe.  Lowering himself face down onto the ground, head on his arms he groaned with longing as she pressed her face into the flesh of his backside, brushing her lips against his skin, squeezing him with her hands, teasing him with nibbles and pinches, until he all but ejaculated into the ground beneath his belly.  But just as the ecstasy became almost too much to contain, she rolled him over, kneeling astride his legs, eyes dark and flaming in her flushed face.  For several long seconds she remained still, gazing down at his penis, swollen and wet now with desperate desire.  With a delicate hand, she brushed away the pine needles that had stuck themselves to his naked belly and the nest of his pubic hair, picking them carefully from the straining shaft of his cock which twitched and jerked every time she touched it.

“Poor Little Joe,” she said, raising her eyes to his face and smiling at him in that all-seeing way that made his insides shiver.  “You and Hoss have stayed true to your word.  We never thought you’d do it.  We’ve watched you suffer for your honor.  For our honor.  You’ve done so well, the girls and I decided you deserved a reward.”  Her gaze strayed back down to his distended cock, dark with blood and pulsing with desire.  She ran her fingers lightly up the side and a little quivery sound broke from his throat.

“So, my young man of steel, what will be your pleasure?”



Later that night, Hoss lay on his back, arms behind his head, and stared dreamily at the stars in a sky of the deepest richest blue.  They had never looked so beautiful, he thought.  He should make a wish.  He chuckled to himself.  There was nothing left to wish for.  All his dreams had come true that evening.

“Dang, Joe,” he whispered, “this is best darned adventure you ever talked me into.”

“Yep,” murmured Joe half-asleep beside him, face fixed in a blissful smile.  “Told you I was right, didn’t I?”




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Author: Inca / Tye

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20 thoughts on “Men of Steel (by Inca / aka Tye)

  1. Lord I’d love to be in the woods with Little Joe tempting him! And lord, so much more than that! Terrific little story-I’m going to have to bookmark this one!

  2. Just love this story! One of Joes best schemes. Poor guys those first few days. I will wholeheartedly agree with Pearl. Joe had the best butt shots on the show!

    1. Yes, one of Joe’s schemes finally pays off! And I’m with you and Pearl: divine backside!

      Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

  3. Perfect! In keeping with Hoss and Joe’s usual adventures and oh, so much more. Lots of heat with room for imagination. Ben must have been perplexed by the enigmatic grins that remained on his son’s faces weeks later and totally mystified by their willingness to make the arduous journey to Placerville even in bad weather.

  4. Inca!!!
    Great job!
    I am so jealous of that woman with her hands in that precious treasure! Joe,s butt!!!
    It was hot!!!!
    Thank you my friend for this pleasure reading!

  5. What a delicious little tale! And so hot, hot, HOT! Just enough to get our blood pounding, and the rest… left up to our imagination. Genius!

  6. To paraphrase Hoss – dang Inca that was the best darn adventure I’ve ever been on. What a clever plot and, oh my, when payday came….Men of Steel indeed. Now where’s the lake, I need a cooling dip.

  7. I wrote a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared. Great job! You have Joe with a scheme that works and Hoss doesn’t suffer, well, at least not too much and there’s the big payoff at the end. Quite a bit of frustration for the boys but a blissful ending and all done very quickly. Wonderful response to the challenge.

    1. Thanks, Betty. Relieved to hear I’m not the only one who suffers from vanishing comments syndrome. Yes, a Joe-scheme that turns up trumps. Is that a first?

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

  8. Five days and four nights. FIVE DAYS AND FOUR NIGHTS! Them little blue pill commercials warn of serious consequences for an erection lasting longer than four hours. My them Cs truly are Men of Steel. 🙂

    Loved the adventure you sent the boys on, Inca.

    1. I’m sure there were some downs as well as plenty of ups, if you get my meaning, despite Hoss’s moans and groans (the complaining sort, not the other kind).

      Thanks for reading, BWF, and for making me feel better about my filthy mind!

  9. Goodness, Inca! I don’t know what to say. I’m a bit short of breath. 🙂 Great little plot, Joe and Hoss are perfectly true to character– and did I mention the story was HOT? Thanks for contributing this to the challenge.

    1. I feel a bit the same – not sure what to say about my smutty imagination! But thank you for your kind words. I am encouraged – although that may not be a good thing, under the circumstances.

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