To the One — A Poem by Adam Cartwright (By JC)


My entry for the World Poetry Day (March 21) Challenge — A poem by Adam Cartwright.

Summary: The choices a man makes in his youth may be called into question over time.

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To the One


In the verdant dawn of springtime

I think of you and wonder

If May is still your favorite month

And if you still remember

The time I brought you daisies

And you wore them in your hair.


In the shimmered haze of summer

I think of you and wonder

Where Life’s path has led you

And whether Love has found you

Do you have children at your knee?

And are their eyes as blue?


In the golden glow of autumn

I think of you and wonder

Which books you might be reading now

And how many you have written

Do you still take your tea with cream?

Have all your dreams come true?


In the purple shades of winter

I think of you and wonder

If time has slowed your lively step

And turned your hair to silver

Do you recall me fondly, dear?

Or think of me at all?


When I view my final sunset

I’ll think once more and ponder

The life I might have had

If you and I had never parted

My lofty goals so long achieved,

Were they worth the cost?


In the vastness of forever

I’ll have no cause to wonder

Endless sleep holds no regret

For things that might have been;

And if there is a Heaven

I won’t miss you anymore.


Adam Cartwright, 1885




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Author: JC

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20 thoughts on “To the One — A Poem by Adam Cartwright (By JC)

  1. You and Adam should write more poetry together. That was a beautiful journey through time and asked some deep questions.

    1. Thank you for the compliment, jojay. A poem is essentially a painting with words. I’m glad you could see my vision. 🙂

  2. Such a great poem! It evokes so many scenes and emotions. I can definitely see Adam pondering over all these questions.

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