From Adam’s Pen (by DJK)

Summary:  Three poems in the voice of Adam Cartwright. Published here in honor of the March Poetry Challenge though they have been individually posted elsewhere previously.

rating: k+
word count: 302



Sometimes I wonder
About my mother
Imagine her face, her form, and her dress
Wonder if the sound of her voice
Held the lilt of her laughter
Did her smile dance in her eyes
Did she dreamed of the man
I would be
Would the man that I am surprise

Sometimes I dream
Of my mama
Even feel the touch of her hand
Get wrapped in the warmth of her laughter
Know she loved me
From first sight to last
Then the dream goes from joy to longing
As memory fades into today
Man and boy I ache for the past

Sometimes I think of Marie
Of before and after I learned
I could love her
Shudder at the times I pushed her away
See the bond that we forged with hot fire
Know the things that she brought to my life
The way she is here still in my brother
And I wish that I could now tell her
I am glad that Pa made her his wife



On my hands
Broken metal
Slipping knife
Burning ember

On my back
Falling beam
Clawing bear
Vengeful bullet

On my heart
Unknown mother
Lost mama
Departed loves
Never healing


My Brother

My brother’s eyes were truly blue
Not like water or flame but sky
Now when I look heavenward
Blue makes me long to cry

My brother’s smile was river wide
His laughter a thunder’s roll
Now to hear someone that’s merry
Tears the fabric of my soul

My brother’s hands were always strong
More than any I ever knew
His love was even stronger still
That’s what I’m clinging to

My brother’s spirit was gentle
Often he took my wrath away
Dear God, help me to forgive You
So I can join my brother someday


Tags:  Adam Cartwright, Angst, Grief

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Author: DJK

10 thoughts on “From Adam’s Pen (by DJK)

  1. No words can describe the beauty, the pain, the longing felt here. Each one of these moved me deeply. Yes Adam would feel these emotions and have these wonderings. Well done, DJK.

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