One Night (by SJR Cartwright)


Summary:  Adam encounters a sweet angel in San Francisco.  Written for the R-Rated Anniversary Challenge.

Rated:  MA (sexual content)
Word Count:  2350

One Night


Daylight filtered into the room from around the edges of the drawn curtains gently ruffled by the breeze from the open window.  The tickle of the breeze awakened him from his sweet dream- filled sleep.  He became aware of a delightful weight against his chest.  His legs were imprisoned by a long limb entwined about his own.  As he came slowly, reluctantly, awake, reality settled in.  He smiled.  She was curled about him as he held her in sleep.

The memory of the previous evening came back to him – a delightful night it had been.

“Why not come to the party tonight, Adam?  We’ve put in a long week developing these lumber contracts between the Ponderosa and the Silver Queen mine.  You deserve a break.  Frankly, so do I.  You’re a hard negotiator, Cartwright,” Quinn Monroe said as he poured fine Scotch into two glasses, extending one to Adam.

Adam smiled at Monroe.  The compliment was well earned.  Monroe owned and ran Queen Mines – lucrative producers that were into bonanza ore levels.  The Silver Queen, the newest of the mines, had just recently exposed her treasure.  Monroe wanted the honeycomb supports for his newest Queen.  No fool, Monroe knew that deep safe mines were more productively worked when they were well supported.  Safety had often proved cost effective and Monroe always knew the exact costs involved in his mines.  In Adam’s mind, he thought Quinn, too, was an equally hard negotiator.  The final contracts were mutually beneficial to both parties.

“Sounds good to me.  I don’t want to stay late; home is calling and I want to get an early start,” Adam smiled.  Although he enjoyed travel and business, the Ponderosa was a siren song that played always in his heart – home and family.  Always his passion.

“You won’t regret it, Adam, there will be good food, great liquor and, of course, the most beautiful women in San Francisco will be there.  I am sure you will find something to amuse you for a few hours,” Quinn smiled finishing his Scotch.  “The party starts about 7:00 pm at the house.  I know Emily will be glad to see you one more time before you leave.”

“And I will look forward to seeing her before I say goodbye.  I’ll be there, then, about 7:00.”  Adam put down his empty glass, picked up his hat and headed out the door of Quinn’s office. Back to the hotel, he would have plenty of time to pack, take a long, hot bath and get ready for the evening.  It should be a good time and he always enjoyed the Monroes’ company.

When he arrived, a warm and inviting evening welcomed him and the guests who were enjoying the Monroes’ beautiful home, their gracious hospitality, and the music supplied by a small orchestra.  Many of the city’s most influential businessmen and their wives were in attendance and Adam recognized many friends among the crowd.  Sometimes, he entertained the notion of moving to San Francisco and running the business end of the Ponderosa’s enterprises from this lovely city that curved around a beautiful bay.

“Adam!” A lilting voice called his name in greeting.  He turned to see Emily Monroe coming toward me, a smile of welcome on her beautiful face.  Emily Monroe was a striking woman; a tall brunette with eyes like emeralds.  She was an intelligent, well-educated, well-spoken woman with an agile mind and a gentle demeanor that drew people of all sorts to her.  She also played a vicious game of chess and never missed an opportunity to engage Adam in a challenging match.  Occasionally, he won a game.  She, along with Quinn, was a good friend and, as with Quinn, he enjoyed her company.  There was no jealousy on Quinn’s part; he knew Emily loved him and only him, and he loved her and the way she charmed everyone she met or came into contact with.  Among the many dynamic and glittering women in San Francisco, she was a diamond of the first water.

Quinn followed in his wife’s wake and held out a hand for a strong handshake with Adam.  “I told Emily you would be here – but I refused to allow her to play chess with you.  I know you want to get home early and you never have a “quick game” with Emily.”

Adam laughed.  “True enough.  It takes long, hard concentration to get the better of Emily on a chess board.”

Adam heard his name called again as another friend and business acquaintance recognized him and approached with a hearty greeting. Soon another friend joined the growing group.  A glass of good wine was pressed into Adam’s hand as equally good conversation flowed with the wine.  Time began to pass in a most agreeable way.

Suddenly, Emily stiffened, her eyes flashed green fire.  Adam followed her gaze to the doorway.  A beautiful blonde woman stood there.  She looked like a fragile angel lost among the mere mortals of the earth.  A small hiss came from Emily.  “What is she doing here?  I didn’t invite her.”

“She doesn’t need an invitation, it seems.  But she certainly is receiving quite a welcome,” Quinn remarked as several seemingly unattached males noticed the beauty.  One man, well-known and very wealthy, came to the angel’s side.  He put his arm protectively around her, guiding her into the room.  Many of the men smiled in welcome while many of the women responded to the angel’s presence in much the same frigid way Emily had done.  One of them, Donna Dayton, standing next to Emily, held a frozen smile on her face. It was her husband who had so gallantly shepherded the blonde beauty into the room.  Adam now knew who the new arrival was.  He had heard of her from many admiring men – and many unadmiring women.  She was trouble wrapped in a façade of innocence.  It was the innocence that was so beguiling to the men who became enchanted with her.

“Emily,” Donna spoke softly through the rictus of her smile, “Heywood has befriended her, he says, and is trying to help her – whatever that means.  I don’t think she needs any kind of help – especially not from my husband.  And especially not here, in public.”

Emily grasped her friend’s hand.  “And especially not in my home.  I’ll put her out of here at once.”

As Emily started toward Heywood Dayton and his companion, both Quinn and Donna stopped her progress.  “Please, Emily, don’t do anything.  It would be so embarrassing for all of us.  I’ll deal with Heywood when we get home.”

Emily demurred at her friend’s desperate request for discretion.  “Alright, Donna, if that is what you wish, but I don’t mind telling you, I hate her and all that she has done to so many friends of mine.”

Donna, Emily and Quinn turned away from the fawning Heywood and resumed their conversation.

Sometime later, the angel fluttered to Adam’s side, gazing up at him with eyes of sapphire.  Her smile was devastating; her voice soft and quiet.  She was captivating, and Adam was soon captured as he seldom was captured by a woman.  It was not love; nothing close to it.  She was bewitching and he was bound in her spell.  So wrapped up in her attentions, he did not realize everyone had melted away from him, leaving him alone with his winsome companion.  Heady champagne replaced wine as they danced in a small sensuous cocoon of their own.

Their bodies swayed in mutual desire as a small corner of the darkened patio became their own special heaven.  Her breasts, warm and full, pressed against his chest.  He drew her more firmly into his embrace.  Sweet kisses soon grew heated with passion and desire.  Her body, in all its fine lace and frills, promised delights that could be reveled at his command.  His body heated with its own fire, his firmness pressing against the fabric that covered her promises.  His hands roamed her freely and she invited his exploration with soft sighs and moans of invitation.

“Perhaps we should continue this interlude in a more circumspect environment,” Adam suggested as he began to guide her toward the door.

“Yes, yes.  I think you are quite right.  I am yours.  Command me as you will,” she teased, flirting outrageously and obviously, but not ignorant of his intent and her part in it.  Yet, despite the obvious inuendo of their conversation, she seemed fresh and sweet and delicate, as though she did not fully understand the momentum of the moment and where it was leading.

Replete with food, wine and champagne, Adam was in a mellow sexual mood.  It had been a while since he had a woman, and this one would certainly fill that empty longing that now seemed to overwhelm him.  His manhood ached for the release she seemed to so willingly promise.  He would be gone in the morning, never to see her again.  It was not often he sought a night’s anonymous pleasures, but this did not seem an ordinary night for she was no ordinary woman.  “Sweet angel,” he mused, “come take me on a flight with your magical wings.”

She crooned softly in acquiescence as he handed her into the carriage.  He had not said proper goodbyes to the Monroes, but that did not cross his mind as his hands caressed her lush breasts.  The small, darkened carriage offered a brief privacy for them to explore grasp, touch, fondle and enjoy each other’s body.  Soft moans and sighs from her lips augmented their efforts with a small chorus of building excitement.  Adam’s hands wandered beneath skirts and petticoats to find the nest of his desire.

The carriage arrived at the hotel. Momentarily, they halted their simmering passion long enough to discreetly entered the lobby.  They briefly detoured to the bar to acquire a bottle of fine champagne to enhance the burning between them.

Not long after the door clicked shut behind them, the uncorked champagne flowed freely as he began the pleasant task of slowly removing layers of filmy, silky finery and lacy lingerie.  Taking his time, the task became part of the capture of the wildness within them.  Moving with practiced adroitness, she stood before him, her femininity in proud display before him.  Adam’s strong nude masculine form was soon upon her, his manhood in splendid display and he prepared her for him.

Laying her upon the satin coverlet of the bed, he easily parted her, his fingers seeking the hot wet essence of her.  Her small gasp as he touched her flamed his passion even more as he began a rhythmic stroking of her, urging her to rise to his own passion.  She found him and grasped him with a steady firmness that spoke of her familiarity with those who had come before him.  Adam did think of the others; he did not particularly think of her, he was consumed only with his need and her ability to slack his hunger for her.  This was a passion of the moment – both knew what they wanted and took it fiercely from the other.

Parting her trembling thighs, he plunged slowly and deeply into her.  She welcomed him, wrapping her legs around him to pull him even further into the place of fire that burned within her.  He changed the movement of his body as he suckled the dimpled peaks of her breasts, thrusting upward to encourage her in his want of her.  His hands slipped underneath her to knead her buttocks and push her up to him that he might fill her even more fully and deeply.

He rolled onto his back; she now straddled him as he held firmly to her buttocks to keep her anchored to him while he bucked hard against her.  She leaned forward as he pulled her down to him, his tongue delightfully vicious as he ravaged her mouth, keeping a powerful masculine tempo beating within her.  He released one lovely globe of her backside, bringing his skilled fingers to tease her swollen female bud.  She thrust upward, her spine rigid, as a primal cry escaped her lips as she rose to her burning release.

She quivered and whimpered as she melted against him, replete in her satisfaction.  He did not stop his own relentless passion, quickening his movements even harder and faster, keeping her tight against his firmness as he sought his own satisfaction.  He pulled her hard upon him as he let his own passion escape to its fullness.

As he relaxed from his excellent exertions, he let her slowly slip from his body.  They were exhausted and wet from their primitive mating.  Yet, only moments later, he sought her again, arousing her to even more cataclysmic heights, and following her with his own soaring cravings of desire.  Again and again, throughout the night he took what she offered and did so without mercy, excuse or explanation.  No love words passed between them. No words passed at all.

At last, they slept – the deep sleep of those fully spent from their endeavors for physical hunger.

As morning crept into the room, he quickly and quietly dressed, not wanting to disturb her to say any kind of parting.  He had parted from her when he released her from his arms.  Yet, as he stood at the door, looking back at her, she was beautiful to him.  An angel of spent passion, yet an angel once again.

He took a $100 bill from his wallet and placed it on her black panties where they lay on the dresser where they had ended up when he tossed them over his shoulder when he removed them from her.

He appreciated the time they had spent romping with abandon with each other.  Still, he knew he would remember only the sex and not the woman.  Gently he kissed her one last time, then closed the door behind him, leaving her only this thought: “Goodbye, sweet one, may your memories of me be as joyful as my memories of you.  Goodbye, Regan Miller.”

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Author: SJRCartwright

I am an original Bonanza fan, starting at about eight years of age. My favorite is Adam. I love anything Western. I live in modern Colorado, but often research the state's history when I am writing. I love anything Bonanza, and I love anything with Pernell Roberts.

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  1. Woah! I didn’t see that coming… Brilliant ending! I did a quick re-read and saw all the signs I’d missed. I’ll be rewatching a certain episode with fresh eyes now. Well done.

  2. Wow that was hot! About halfway through I had a feeling that I knew who the woman was and sure enough I was right. Good work my friend. I hope you write more hot Adam stories in the future.

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