The Quiet of Christmas (by PSW)

~*~*~ Advent Calendar ~*~*~
* Day 23 *

Summary:  The quiet of Christmas comes through loud and clear for one member of the family.

Rating:  G
Word Count:  300

The Quiet of Christmas

The night shimmered around him.

Hoss leaned back against the barn door, breathing in the cold December air, letting the strains of music and laughter from the house wash into the background.  Christmas at the Ponderosa was … well, it was something special.

Always had been.

He loved his home at any time of year, but there was somethin’ about this night—the celebration of the Christ child’s birth, the memories of past Christmases, the scents of treats that came around only at this time of the year, the babble of different voices, the lights and sparkle.

The silence.

He didn’t know if anyone else had ever noticed, but Christmas night had a stillness, a silence, that he had never known at any other time.  It was as if … as if everything in nature was waitin’ for the Christ child right along with them. The trees and rocks and wind and animals and moon and stars and everything else around them—they were vibratin’ with life, all holdin’ their breath, right on the edge of … of laughin’ for joy.  Just on this one night.

Sometimes, he was actually surprised that he couldn’t hear them out loud.

Always, he was surprised that nobody else noticed.  At least, he’d never seen any of the others lurkin’ in a quiet corner outdoors on Christmas night, just … listenin’.

The music and voices swelled, and Hoss knew it was time to go back inside. Hop Sing would be servin’ dessert soon, and no way was he missin’ that.  He took another long breath, blew it out in a cloud of white steam, closed his eyes.  The night shimmered around him, just on the edge of laughter.

He couldn’t … quite … hear it.

But his own heart laughed: and that was quite enough for him.


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Author: PSW

Hi! I started watching Bonanza on a whim in March 2017, and was instantly sucked in. So much fun! I have rarely watched a show where I really like all the main characters equally -- very refreshing. :-) I do so love stories about Hoss, though ... I love to read, and was excited to find this wonderful library. Definitely been spending some time there ... ;-)

6 thoughts on “The Quiet of Christmas (by PSW)

  1. As I said in the forum, I always felt Hoss was the most spiritual of all the Cartwrights, the way he connected with people and the universe in general. You reveal that side of him so well in this beautiful vignette, PSW. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I agree w your ponderings about Hoss — he is very connected to both the people and the world around him … 🙂

  2. What a lovely peaceful moment you described so well. I can just picture Hoss enjoying this moment alone and treasuring it forever.

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