Mama’s Brooch (by Sierras)

~*~*~ Advent Calendar ~*~*~
* Day 10 *

Summary: Joe and his wife are having their first Christmas together.  He would like to find her a special gift. Pa has an idea.

Rating:  G  435 words

Note:  This story was written for the Bonanza Brand 2020 Advent Calendar, originated in the Forums.

Mama’s Brooch


It was late November as Joe walked into the ranch house – his old home.  Joe and his wife Karie had gotten married this past summer.  They now lived in their own cabin on the Ponderosa.

Joe found Pa sitting at his desk working on some papers.  They greeted each other as Joe sat down beside his father.

“What brings you here?”  Pa smiled.

Joe replied, “Christmas gifts for Karie.  I’ve gotten a couple of nice things for her, but I want to give her something really special.  It is our first Christmas together.”

“Right.  Let me think about that.”  Then Pa’s dark eyes lit up.  “Come with me.”

Joe followed Pa upstairs to his bedroom.  He watched his father open a dresser drawer and take out a little wooden box that had white magnolias painted on it.

“This was your mother’s.”  Pa handed the box to Joe.  “You may have it if you’d like.”

Joe answered, “Thank you, Pa.  Of course I’d like to have something that was my mama’s.”

“I know.  You’re welcome.”

Joe opened the box and saw a brooch laying inside.  It was gold with a red rose.

“I remember her wearing this on her cape,” Joe said.

Pa nodded.  “She wore it on special occasions like Christmas and Easter, and to some parties.”

“Thank you so much, Pa.  This is really special.”

“You’re welcome, son.”


It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve at Joe and Karie’s cabin.  They had a small decorated Christmas tree beside the fireplace.  Underneath were several wrapped presents.  Joe and Karie were planning to go to the annual Christmas Eve party that Pa held every year at the ranch house for friends and neighbors.

Joe grabbed a certain small gift and handed it to Karie.  “Here.  I would like for you to open this now.”


Joe watched Karie slide off the red velvet ribbon and tear open the bright red wrapping paper to reveal the wooden box inside.

“I like the pretty box,” Karie said just before she lifted the lid and saw the brooch inside.  “Oh wow!  That’s beautiful!”

“It was my mama’s.  I remember her wearing it.  I hope you’ll always enjoy it just like she did.”

“Oh I will.  I love it.  Thank you, Joe.”

“You’re welcome.”

Then they hugged and kissed.

That evening Karie wore the brooch on her cape to the party.  Joe noticed Pa smiling in recognition.  He felt proud to see his wife wearing Mama’s brooch.  He imagined Mama smiling from Heaven.


Character:  Joseph Cartwright

Gift:   Brooch

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Author: Sierras

I grew up watching westerns. I started watching "Bonanza" about season 13 when I would stay up to watch the show whenever my mom and dad were not home. I've always felt like I got in on the "tail end" of the show. Yes, I knew nothing about Adam. Imagine my surprise when I first saw the reruns starting with season one. I am a Joe gal who is very fascinated with Joe and Adam's relationship. JAMs tend to show up in my stories. I wrote my first "Bonanza" story around 2001. In 2018 I came back to that story, and I've been writing fanfiction every since. Thank you for reading my stories! :)

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