2021 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament

The winner of the 2021 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament Stories was Questfan!!!

All stories have now been attributed to their authors and can be accessed via the links below.

Words/phrases were assigned to a standard 52-card deck. Participants in the tournament were dealt five cards and had to use the corresponding word/phrase in their story in a significant way.  A Joker was a free pass.

Be sure to leave a comment and let our authors know your thoughts on their story.


A Cartwright’s Word is a Binding Oath by Patina

Summary:  An old friend requests the Cartwrights’ help when vengeance comes calling

Rating:  T     Word Count:  4748

Adventurers’ Eyes by Andrina

Summary:  Joe and a friend give each other challenges. Can they also find treasure through it?

Rating:  K+     Word Count: 3168

Little Joe Cartwright, Indian Fighter by Sierra Girl

Summary: When the Paiute are seen prowling around the Ponderosa ranch house, Little Joe Cartwright is desperate to help defend his home and family. Only, he’s under orders to stay inside and work on his spelling . . . Disobeying his father’s commands will take him to a place he never, in his wildest dreams, thought he would see.

Rating: K+     Word count: 3664

Loss by Belle

Summary:  When everything you care about is taken from you, you have nothing left to lose.

Rating: M (violence)     Word count:  3305

Lost and Found by Questfan

Summary: An incident with his granddaughter brings up childhood memories for Joe.

Rating:  T     Word count: 4228

Missing by Cheaux

Summary:  An unhappy brother, an old house, and a celebration gone wrong . . .  this Prequel is set in 1855 when Adam is 24, Hoss is 18, and Joe is 13.

Rated:  K+     Word Count:  5787

Never Under a Pale Moon by Sierras

Summary: Little Joe takes out a girl who’s family recently moved from New York. Can he help her to find good in Nevada? And what does a pale moon have to do with anything?

Rating:  K+     Word count:   2116

The Painted Lady by mcfair_58

Summary:  Fifteen-year-old Little Joe Cartwright is in love and, as usual, it brings a world of trouble.  Can big brother Adam save the day or will he too be drawn in by the Painted Lady and lose not only his way, but maybe his life?

Rating:  PG   Word Count: 29,166

When Winners Become Losers by wx4rmk

Summary: A simple, late summer day quickly turns more complicated than any of the Cartwrights could have imagined potentially changing one Cartwright’s life forever.

Rating: PG     Word Count:  3466



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Author: VCLS

The Virginia City Literary Society occasionally sponsors literary exercises and challenges of a collaborative nature which result in stories or poems for publication. Works involving multiple authors will be published by the Society under the name "VCLS" and reference the individual authors in the story notes.

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