Shatter Bond (by Meg)

Summary:  Joe jeopardizes his relationship with his sister by dating her teacher. Will she ever be able to forgive him? Will he ever be able to gain her trust back?

Ages: Amelia 13; Joe 20; Hoss 25; Adam 31  Rated: K+  (6,060 words)

Amelia Series:

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Shatter Bond
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                                                       Shatter Bond


Chapter 1

Description: Joe jeopardizes his relationship with his sister by dating her teacher. Will she ever be able to forgive him? Will he ever be able to gain her trust back?

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The air was clear and fresh. The atmosphere was at a perfect temperature. There was a small breeze whistling through the green leaves on the trees and the grass in the meadow.

Joe Cartwright was lying on the grass in his favorite place on the Ponderosa with the new substitute teacher Charlotte Browney who was filling in for Miss. Jones who took a vacation.

She and Joe had been secretly dating behind Joe’s thirteen year old sister Amelia’s back. He felt guilty for not telling her but he felt as though he was protecting her from the embarrassment and teasing she’ll endure at school.

He knew that he should tell her but was afraid of hurting her. While he was contemplating all of that Charlotte turns to him and could see that he was thinking about something.

She puts her hand on his. Joe turns to her and gives her a small smile but she could see that Joe was worried about something.

“What were you thinking about?” she asked curiously. “About how nice it is here especially with a pretty girl like you” flattered Joe with a charming smile.

Charlotte blushes “Joe Cartwright you are a charmer”. They lean over to each other and started to kiss intimately and passionately as their hands explored the other’s body.

Unbeknownst to them while they were lustfully making love a rider on a horse was galloping on the road when they saw them.

The rider was a heart broken Amelia. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She couldn’t fathom that her brother her best friend the one person who she would go to with anything was dating her teacher. She was devastated that he didn’t tell her about the love affair.

She convinces herself that Joe didn’t care about her anymore. Having seen enough a teary eye Amelia rides away feeling betrayed and hurt beyond repair.

Amelia rides in the yard recklessly. Adam saw her and was worry that she would get hurt unknowingly that she was already hurt more than a falling off a horse would do.

“AMELIA ROSE CARTWRIGHT!  You know better than to ride in    the yard like that” hissed Adam worriedly. Amelia mounts off her horse and looks at her brother tears were streaming down her moist cheeks.

Adam saw the tears and immediately kneels down in front of her concern. “Shortcake baby what’s the matter? Did something happen?” asked Adam in despair to see his sister crying.

Adam caresses her cheek and wipes a tear with his thumb.

“You’re not hurt are ya?” asked Adam rolling up the sleeves of her dress to see if there were any scratches or injuries on her arms. 

“Not physically Adam” Amelia managed to say between sobbing breaths. Adam looks at her worriedly. “What do you mean by that sweetheart?” asked Adam.

Amelia considers telling Adam what she saw but she didn’t want him to go off on Joe so she decides not to. She hated to see her brothers fight.

“It’s nothing I’m ok Adam” assured Amelia trying to smile. “Are you sure?” asked Adam uncertainly. “Yeah” said Amelia with a nod.

“Ok but if you need to talk…” offered Adam. Amelia throws her arms around her brother and hugs him. “I love you Adam” she sobbed. “I love you too honey” said Adam uncertain why she was crying.

Adam pulls away from her and kisses her on the cheek. Little Joe rides in the yard. “Hey what’s going on?” asked Joe. Amelia looks at him and runs in the house as though she had seen the devil.

Joe look confuse at Adam who was equally confuse. Both had never seen their sister act like that and it worried them. “What’s with her?” asked Joe.

“I was hoping you tell me” said Adam. “Was she ok when she came home?” asked Joe. “Physically but she was extremely devastated about something. She was crying” informed Adam.

“Did she say anything as to why she was crying?” asked Joe. “Nope” said Adam shaking his head no. Joe puts his hands on his hips. He was concern for his sister and why she was devastated.

“I wonder what’s bothering her” said Joe. “I don’t know but I wouldn’t worry about it. You know how girls are at that age” said Adam. “Yeah” said Joe nodding his head.

Adam puts an arm around his brother and they look at each other with a smile as they walk to the house.

That night at dinner Amelia was moving the food around her plate. Ben looks at the boys who were just as worried as he was. Adam had told him how Amelia acted when she came home and how concern he was when he saw her riding her horse recklessly.

Both knew that that wasn’t like Amelia at all. She was very responsible when it came to her horse and what a careful rider she was Ben then turns to his daughter.

“Is something bothering you darling?” asked Ben. Amelia looks up from her plate and at her father. “I’m fine Pa just not very hungry” said Amelia. Joe looks at her concern.

“You’re not feeling ill are ya?” asked Joe concern. Amelia glares at him as though he slapped her in the face. “What do you care? We both know that you don’t care about me and you never have so don’t even act as though you do. All you care about is yourself” yelled Amelia with hot watery eyes. She gets up from the table and runs up the stairs.

Hoss, Adam and Ben look at each other then at Joe who was just as stunned as they were. “Joseph what was that all about?” asked Ben. Joe shrugs his shoulders.

“Gosh Pa I’m not sure. Maybe I should go talk to her” said Joe. He was hurt that his sister was upset with him even more so when he didn’t know why.

He hated quarreling with his sister and hope that whatever he did he can fix. “Good luck little brother. With the mood she’s in you be lucky if she lets you in her room” said Hoss.

He felt bad that his brother was on the receiving end of Amelia’s anger but also felt lucky that it wasn’t him. Adam felt the same way. He hoped that whatever was going on would be resolved; he hated to see his siblings feuding.

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