2022 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament

Bonanza Brand Library is proud to present the 2022 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament entries for your reading enjoyment.  The authors have been revealed as of September 1, 2022.

The game was Five Card Draw Poker and each player was dealt five cards. A standard 52-card deck was used and each card of the deck was assigned a word or phrase that had to be used in a significant manner in the story. The suit categories for this year’s tournament were:  hidden talents, natural hazards, secret treasure and found in the attic.

In alphabetical order, this year’s stories are:

A Single Wound by Patina

Summary:  Danger lurks in a single wound.
Rated:  T     Word Count:  3925

Between the Lines by Cheaux

Summary:  His brothers snickered when Hoss drew the short straw and had to clear a beaver dam—a job every Cartwright brother abhorred. Adam and Joe drew the long straws and had the simple task of delivering a bull to a ranch in California…or so it seemed.
Rated: T     Word Count: 7265

Diversions by Belle

Summary:  di-ver-sion  noun  1. an instance of turning something aside from its course.  2. an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; a recreation or pastime.
Rating:  K+     Word Count: 6673

Hidden by wx4rmk

Summary: Tensions are high as a powerful snowstorm blankets the Ponderosa. However, Adam’s quick thinking brings about more than one positive result.
Rated: K+     Word Count: 2005

Joe Cartwright, Junior Detective by BettyHT

Summary:  Little Joe Cartwright was born curious.  He unfortunately was also devious and prone to avoiding work whenever possible. In possession of other traits that could work to his advantage or against him, Little Joe Cartwright could have been the greatest outlaw in the west.  However, he grew up in the right family and learned to use his powers for good.  That was especially important in the life of his oldest brother a short time after Adam returned home from college.
Rated: T     Word Count:  9020

Kindred Spirits by ElayneA

Summary:  Adam and Adreille’s relationship had an odd start.  “But why?” they thought.
Rated: T     Word Count: 7641

The Art Contest by fanofoldtvshows

Summary: Hop Sing enters an art contest to benefit a family in  need.
Rated: K+     Word Count: 1940

The Book by Silver Sven

Summary:  A mysterious discovery puzzles Hoss. Will he be able to put the pieces together and solve the riddle on his own?
Rated:  K     Word Count: 1236

The Laugh Last by Sierra Girl

Summary: The boys have a job to do in a mysterious old house. Only Hoss is hearing things and Joe can’t help goading his jittery sibling. It’s up to Adam to keep his brothers in check, but even he is astonished by an unexpected discovery in the attic.
Rating: K+     Word count: 4014

Walls by Sibylle

Summary:  Clearing out a neglected corner of the barn leads to unexpected development for Adam and his family.
Rated: T     Word Count:  2044

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The Virginia City Literary Society occasionally sponsors literary exercises and challenges of a collaborative nature which result in stories or poems for publication. Works involving multiple authors will be published by the Society under the name "VCLS" and reference the individual authors in the story notes.

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