Longings (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Written in Response to the May 2023 – Double Drabble Prompts:  “Will he kiss me?” and “Metamorphosis!”
Rating:  Teen  (Words: 600)




Part 1 

Dressed in black with a few top buttons of his shirt undone, revealing that oh so enticing V; he stood there, stoically waiting at the bottom of the staircase.  A slight lean, his left arm casually rested on the newel with a book in his other hand.  At my footfall he looked up; dark brown eyes began at my kid boots, but I know in his mind’s eye he was seeing a daintily turned ankle or two, next were my legs hidden by my long dress.  Each part of me came alive as those smoldering eyes continued their upward trek.  Ever so slowly he smiled, taking in the fit of my dress, and appreciating my own enticing neckline.  Something I’d not normally be so daring in wearing, but tonight was a very special occasion.

Stopped at the landing, running my hands nervously across the skirt fabric, straightening away a wrinkle that wasn’t, inhaling as deeply as my corset would allow; I smiled.

Closing his book and setting it aside, he extended a hand towards me. Adam Cartwright, ever the gallant gentleman, ensuring my safety until I stood before him.  But what I need to know is, will he kiss me?

Part 2

Rolling my eyes at my brothers talking about a new hand Pa had hired, it was difficult to ignore their excitement regarding just how good Tab could rope, shoot, and ride!  Crossing out another wrong entry, I fervently wished they’d just leave, and no longer be a distraction.

Later, needing a mindless diversion from balancing the books, I decided to watch the action at the corrals.  The new kid did a good job keeping up with Joe and Andy, the three alternating in breaking horses…. until the red roan.  The horse stood calmly in the chute; too calmly.  The ride started bad, and went downhill from there.

Joe, Hoss, and the others worked to get the horse up and out of the corral while I jumped down, yelling for someone to get Paul Martin.  Imagine my shock, while running my hands over Tab’s ribs.

That was over a month ago.  The last few weeks, after completing my days’ work, were pleasantly spent discussing Shakespeare and far-away lands.  Tonight, Tarynn Aileen Brophy (Tab) would be presented to Virginia City, and reunited with her family.

Waiting at the bottom of the staircase, imagine my surprise at looking up.  What a metamorphosis!



I wish I could be as happy; Pa told me how ecstatic her family was having been reunited with their sister.  I guess I can understand why she ran away; having six much older brothers and feeling lost in the shuffle, especially after their parents had passed away of influenza.  But to cross the Atlantic and head west on her own, all the while taking on the persona of an American cowboy?  That was a shock, checking Tab over for injuries after witnessing the nasty fall while breaking a horse, only to realize we’d been misled.

During her recovery we’d spent hours discussing anything and everything.  When she was finally well enough to come downstairs, Pa insisted on the truth.  As she spoke of growing up, I could tell Tab, or rather, Tarynn, was growing homesick.  Well, that set into motion events that culminated in last night’s cotillion.  Wires and special envoys came and went before the Lord and Lady Brophy, and his five brothers arrived in Viriginia City.

I didn’t attend, I couldn’t.  Seeing her at the top of the stairs, my image of a perfect wife was shattered, irrevocably.  A chaste kiss goodbye paled against what I wanted.

~The End


End Note:  Parts 1 and 2 were inspired by the left screencap from Woman of Fire.  The epilogue was inspired by the right screencap from A Song in the Dark.


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Author: BluewindFarm

A dressage rider who's a cowgirl at heart.

Though I wasn't old enough during the heyday of Westerns on TV, with the introduction of cable and satellite services in the 1980's, I fell in love with Bonanza, Lancer, The Big Valley, The Rifleman, and The Wild, Wild West, among others. Through syndication and fanfiction; our heroes will live on forever.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories I've written, and look forward to reading your comments.

2 thoughts on “Longings (by BluewindFarm)

  1. Each story captures Adam’s deep feelings when he’s around Tab, even when reality takes hold. A nice set of vignettes letting us into Adam’s thoughts.

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