Adam’s Family First Christmas at the Ponderosa (by Gracemolina)


Summary:  After returning to The Ponderosa, Adam with his family had to face his first Christmas with all their members, his wife, their twins, Peggy and Olaf. Olaf go away and returned late to christmas eve dinner, because he wants to share Christmas spirit, but Adam only understand he disobeyed him The twins received amazing Christmas presents and a mysterious visit.

Rated: K+ (6,440 words)  A previous version was published at Bonanza World



Adam’s Family First Christmas at the Ponderosa

Peggy asked Adam: “Adam, please told Olaf, do not disturb me. I couldn´t finish the Christmas tree decoration on time”

Adam told Olaf: “Olaf, stop disturbing Peggy.”

Olaf answered:”Fine, Father, but I think this entire Christmas thing it is silly. At the tribe, we never celebrate it.”

Adam argued: “But your mother, might celebrate it and you are now with us and you will celebrate it”

Olaf answered:”Mother, celebrated it each year, but I did not understand why”

Adam told Olaf: “We celebrate it, because God have given His son to us at this date”

Olaf told Adam:”But at the tribe, we had many gods and it is impossible that they have children. I did not understand your celebration”

Adam explained Olaf: “Son, it is your celebration also, you are one of us, now. Maybe at the tribe you learned that there are many god, but there is only one that it is the really one our God, yours also. God is above the god you learned, that at related to the things you can see or touch. He is pure spirit.”

Olaf told Adam: “My mother now is pure spirit”

Adam answered: “Yes, son. She is with God now”

Olaf told Adam: “Well, I will celebrate it. Maybe I could feel my mother spirit”

Adam answered: “Yes, son. You might feel her”

Missis Cartwright called: “Olaf, Peggy, dinner time, go to wash the hands, now. Adam, dear, could you go to your father home, to bring back Little Grace and Little Ben, home for dinner?, please”

Adam answered: “Sure, sweetheart”

Adam entered his father house and said “Hi, Pa. Where is my little princess?”

Little Grace ran to her father arms yelling: “Daddy”

Adam took her in his arms, began to play with her and asked her: “Where is your brother?”

Adam asked his father (he was reading): “Pa, where is Little Ben?”

Ben answered: ”I think he is with Hoss at the kitchen”

Adam said to Little Grace: “Say good night to GrandPa, while I go to seek for your brother, Mommy had call us to dinner”

Little Grace run to the lap of her Grandpa to kissed him and remained with him.

Adam went to the kitchen where Hoss and Little Ben were playing. All the kitchen are full of flour, and Hoss and Little Ben are dirty with flour and dough. Adam exclaimed: “What a mess!!!!. Hop Sing will kill you both!!!. What are you doing?“

Little Ben ran to his arms yelling: “Daddy”, and embraced Adam fouling him with flour and dough. Adam yelled: “Watch out”. But it too late he was dirty with flour and dough, (Hoss began to laughs louder) so Adam laughed resigned. Little Ben said: “we are doing Christmas cookies”

Adam answered: “Your mother also will kill to us and you Hoss, when she watches our clothes.”

Adam took Little Ben in his arms and said: “Let´s go home: Mommy called us to dinner. We left you Hoss, with that mess, Good Luck with the cookies.”

Hoss said: “Bye Adam. We can follow tomorrow with the cookies Little Ben”

Little Ben ran to kiss Hoss and said: “Good night, uncle Hoss”

Adam went to the living room and said: “Go to say goodbye to GrandPa”

Ben looked at his grandson and yelled:”What a hell!!! what happened in the kitchen.!!!. Why Little Ben is so dirty?”

Adam answered laughing: “Hoss and Little Ben where cooking Christmas cookies. It is better you go watch Hoss cleans the kitchen, before Hop Sing returns”

Ben stood up and said: “Little Ben, Adam I think it is better, I would go to your house to said good night, after you both are clean.” He went to the kitchen,

Adam could hear Ben yelling from the kitchen, while he was leaving to his house with Little Ben:  “Hoss, you must clean it right now”. He smiled mischievous.

Adam went to his house with the two children walking at his side jumping and playing. It was cold so he told them to hurry. When they entered the house, he said laughing: “Sweetheart, we are here. Guess what, Little Ben were preparing cookies with Hoss”

Missis Cartwright said: “I can see it, and you were helping them. Little Ben comes here to wash you and change your clothes. Little Grace comes here to clean your hands before dinner. I think I have to clean your father and change his clothes also”

Adam laughed: ”Bath time?, Miss Rossi”

Missis Cartwright laughed: ”Yes, Mister Cartwright”

Peggy asked: “Aunt Grace, Would you, I help you to the clean the child?

Missis Cartwright answered: “Sure, thanks”

After the dinner, the children went to sleep, and Adam and his wife remained at the living room talking around the fire place.

Missis Cartwright asked Adam: “Do you have another philosophical talk with Olaf?”

Adam answered: “Yes, It is difficult for him to understand our culture. He was raised in a different way, even when Ruth might teach him some things. He has troubles, even in his way to connect with Peggy, because she is a girl”

Missis Cartwright told: “You are wrong. They argue a lot, but it is because he is concern about Peggy. He trays to connect with her. He perceives that she is sad. He knows that they have something in common, both have lost her mothers”

Adam asked: “Did Peggy tell you she is sad? She is doing a beautiful work with the Christmas decoration. However, I knew her and she is sad, like she was when I just met her”

Missis Cartwright answered: “Yes, we talked a lot. She misses specially her mother, but also her father and Will. Do you know Will come for Christmas, as he promises Peggy?”

Adam answered: “Oh, I hope so, but I don´t know for sure.”

Missis Cartwright said: ”It will be a very difficult Christmas for Peggy and Olaf”

Adam adds: “and for you sweetheart. It will be your first Christmas far home”

Missis Cartwright answered: “It will be my first Christmas without my father and far from my sister, and I miss them very much. However, I am not far home. I am with my husband and with my children. I am home”

Adam hugged, kissed her and said: “Go to bed, Miss Rossi you owe me a bath.”

Missis Cartwright said:”Mister Cartwright, sorry I am no longer your nurse, you are healthy and I am tired of taking care of our four children. Go to bed, dear.”

At the morning of Christmas Eve, Adam gets up early to seek Christmas presents. His wife said: “Don´t forget what we talked some days ago, Adam. Do not dare to!!”

Adam answered: “I told you, I didn´t buy a real horse and a real puppy to the children, right. Only puppets”

Missis Cartwright asked: “Do not buy any dangerous for Olaf!!!”

Adam answered: “Bye, sweetheart. I have to hurry”

Missis Cartwright called him” Adam, Adam, Don´t dare to buy him a rifle”.

At lunch time, Adam had return and all the family took lunch together. Missis Cartwright is still mad with his husband, because Olaf´s present. So, they did not talk each other during lunch time.

After lunch, Olaf asked: “Father could I go to fishing? I promise to return early”

Adam answered: “Yes, son, but I like you home for tea time.”

Olaf answered: “Yes, father”

Olaf got out the house and Peggy followed him. She said him: “Have you not changed your mind?”

Olaf said: “I won´t change my mind.”

Peggy said: “You better go back in time or Adam will punish you.”

Olaf said: “Yes Peggy. I will in time, Bye”

Later, Missis Rossi told Peggy: “Peggy, better you will change your clothes. I am concern about Olaf”

Peggy said: “Yes, auntie. I am also concern I hope he gets in time”

Then the door knocked, Missis Cartwright went to open. It is Will. She said: “Will, I am happy you could come for Christmas”.

They kissed. Will asked: “How are you, Graziosa?”

Peggy hear him and ran to kiss him, yelling: “Will”

Missis Cartwright said: “Very well, Will, Remain here, sure you want to talk. I will go Pa´s home to bring home Little Ben and Little Grace, to change theirs clothes”

She entered Ben´s house. Adam is there with their children, Ben and his brothers. The children were drawing, while Adam and his brothers were preparing the table for Christmas Eve dinner.  Ben is reading. From the kitchen, comes a tasty smell.

Missis Cartwright asked: Did you saw Will?

Adam answered: “Yes, Sweetheart, He was here before go see you and Peggy.”

Missis Cartwright said:”I am very happy Will come for Christmas, especially for Peggy”

Ben said: “Yes, It very good he comes here. Peggy won´t be so sad now”

Missis Cartwright said: “At least a little less sad”

Ben agrees.

Adam interrupted: “Did Olaf come back yet?

Missis Cartwright said: “I´m afraid not”

Adam said angry: “That boy, He is very stubborn and disobedient. I will punish him. I think I won´t give him the Christmas present”

Ben said smiling:”He remembers someone as stubborn as him”

Hoss and Joe laughed.

Adam said: “You both,.. do not laugh”

Missis Cartwright said:”Yes, a very stubborn and disobedient man. At least something good will happens if Olaf arrives late.”

Adam looked at her and said: “You still angry because Olaf present. Don´t you?”

Missis Cartwright answered: “Yes, you know I hate firearms”

Adam said: “Sweetheart, I do hate firearm also. But you know that Olaf love to go hunting and I think he will be more protected having a rifle than with only a spear and arrows. Indeed, I will teach him to use it and at first, I will be with him anytime he uses.“

Ben said: “Daughter, I think Adam has reason”

Missis Cartwright said: “Pa, but Adam never explained me that way. He only decided to do it and he don´t take in consideration my opinion.”

Adam said: “Sorry, sweetheart.”

Hoss said: “Sister, It is Christmas. I know our brother is stubborn but he has the reason this time. Forgive him”

Missis Cartwright said: “Dear, you have the reason and I love you. I forgive you. Go home to change our clothes. I hope Olaf has return. I think Peggy and Will have been talking enough. Little Ben, Little Grace, come here.”

Ben said: “Yes, we will change our clothes too and help Hop Sing with the last stuff”

They went home. When they entered Will and Peggy are talking. Will said: “Well, we will continue talking later Peggy. I want to refresh myself and change my clothes.”

Adam asked Peggy: “Peggy, Did Olaf returns?”

Peggy answered:  “No, Adam.”

Adam said: “That boy!!. Sweetheart it is late and it is getting dark. I will go seek him”. He puts his jacket and his gun belt.

Will asked: “Who´s Olaf?”

Adam answered: “It is a long a story, but he is my eleven year old son”

Will anwered susprised: “Your son, where were you had hidden? Better I join you to seek him.”

Adam said: “Yes, Let´s go for Hoss and Joe to help us.”

They go to Ben´s home and Adam said Ben: “Pa, Olaf has not returned yet. I am concern. Hoss, Joe let´s go to seek him”

Hoss and Joe put their jackets and their gun belt.

Outside, they separate and begin to seek Olaf, calling him.

An hour later, Will appears with Olaf and said:  “I found him at the barn”

Adam said very angry: “Olaf, young man. I am very angry with you. You promise to be here, early. Even when it is Christmas Eve, you are punished. Forget about your Christmas present”.

Hoss said: “Oh Adam, do not be so hard with him”

Joe said: “Adam, come on older brother, it is Christmas time”

Adam said angry:”He don´t deserve your pity”

Olaf answered: “Father, I have to arrive later, forgive me. What I have to do, take me longer that I think. “

Adam said: “What do you have to do that it is more important that keep your promise?. You are punished. I will not forgive you”

Olaf answered angry: “You know what I think about Christmas, It is silly. And about the present, you can keep it. I don´t need it. I do not belong to here and I don´t need your forgiveness.” He runs into the house, crying.

Will said: “Adam, you have been so hard. I know what he was doing, but I promise do not told you. This boy loves you and he is trying to do things to be accepted and you will be proud of him. You have to understand him and be more patient”

Adam said: “I know he is having a hard time here, but I am not sure he loves me. He doesn’t trust in me. ”

Hoss said: “I also know what he was doing and believe, he understand the spirit of Christmas, even more than you think.”

Joe said: “Adam, talk with him”

Adam: “Right, I will try to talk with him.”

Adam went to his home, while Will, Hoss and Joe went to the family house.

Adam entered his home and asked: “Where is Olaf?”

Missis Cartwright answered a little angry: “In his bedroom, changing his clothes. It is better you go to the bedroom to change your clothes, also.”

Adam said: “No, I want to talk to Olaf before”

Missis Cartwright said: “You have to talk, but not know. He is fine, nothing happen to him, he is home. Be quiet Adam. You won´t talked to him at this mood. At least, I won´t allow it. I convinced him to change his clothes and to join us to the celebration. Let him alone for a while.”

Adam agreed with a wink rudely and then went to the bedroom.

Later, Adam, his wife and the four children went to Ben´s home. The house was plenty of light and the table is full of tasty food and beverages for the adults and children.

Ben asked: “Boys, What if we sing “Joy to the world”? Adam, there were passed three long years since we sing it together.”

Adam answer with a wink and he joined Hoss and Joe to sing.

After they finished singing, Adam and Joe, began to play with the kids to distract them while Hoss upstairs went to change his clothes.

Hoss went downstairs with a Santa costume and white beard and yelling: “Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas”.

Joe told the children: “Hey children, Look who arrives, Saint Nicholas”. Little Ben looked at him dubitatively, Little Grace smiled, Peggy laughed and Olaf just looked up and then continued drawing in a piece of paper.”

Hoss took Little Grace in his arms and sat her in his lap and asked with a fake voice:”What´s your name little princess”

Little Grace answered:”You know my name, uncle Hoss”

Hoss said: “Hoss, who is Hoss?. I am Saint Nicholas”

Little Ben said: “Uncle Hoss, You are not the real Santa. You are just using his clothes”

Adam, Joe, and Missis Cartwright smiled and they might went off to laugh if Ben weren´t said: “Sons, daughter, Don´t” (Moving his finger to their face).

Little Grace said:”The real Santa was with us at our bedroom, when you were looking for Olaf”

Olaf left his drawing and put attention.

Little Ben said: “He was tolding us the history of the Tree Kings and La Befana”

Missis Cartwright put a wink of surprise and questioned to Adam. Adam also put a look of surprise and shrugged and nodded to said he didn´t knows nothing about.

Little Grace continued: “Santa said we will receive all we ask, including a puppy to me and a pinto horse to Little Ben. He said he had a helper.”

Olaf put an anger look to Peggy. Peggy responded nodding.

Missis Cartwright put an anger look to Adam and said him whispering: “you did it, Santa´s helper”. Adam answered whispering: “No, I told you, I didn´t”.

Little Ben said: “Santa said, he will give tonight a special gift for everyone of you.”

All in the room put a surprise look.

Hoss said: “Little princess and little gentleman, sure you will receive all you want. You behave very well this year. Well I have to go to see other good children this night.”

Little Ben said: “Uncle Hoss, go upstairs to change your clothes”

All laughs.

While Hoss changed his clothes. Adam took his guitar and said, let´s sing “Silent Night”. They began to sing:

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Adam asked his wife: “Graziosa, darling would you like to sing “Silent Night” in Spanish, like we do it last year?

Missis Cartwright answered: “Sure”

Noche de paz noche de amor
en los campos al pastor
coros celestes proclaman salud
gracias y glorias en su plenitud
por nuestro buen redentor
por nuestro buen redentor.

When Hoss went down, all the family sat around the table and Ben took the word to pray: “Dear God, thank you for all this food, but especially for have the family reunited again. Thank you for bring back Adam home, thank you for bring me a daughter and four grandchildren. Thank you for keep Hoss and Joe with me. Also  because you have allow Will to come for this occasion.  I have to remember those we have lost, those I have met and I have only known by theirs beloved.  My beloved Elizabeth, Inger and Marie, Graziosa´s father, Olaf´s mother, Laura and Little Laura have all of them at your side celebrating an endless Christmas.” Ben had tears in his eyes.

Peggy began to cry and Will hugged her crying, and both try to comfort each other. Missis Cartwright also had tears in her eyes and Adam lovely used his handkerchief to dried her tears.

Little Ben asked: “Mommy why are you crying?”

Missis Cartwright answered: “Nothing, my boy, nothing”

Little Grace said: “It is because our Nonno and Tia Aurelia”

Missis Cartwright answered: “Yes, my little girl. I miss them”

Both children approached her mother and hugged her.

Olaf looked at them trying to look cold and distant, but he also had tears in his eyes.

Ben continued: “Well family, let´s begin to eat before the turkey gets wet with all our tears. “

All began to eat laughing.

After the dinner, they began to told Christmas stories and soon Little Ben and Little Grace got sleep. Adam and his wife took them and brought them to the first floor bedroom.

After, Adam took his guitar again and said: “I have a gift to my wife, to you, Graziosa.  Late Christmas, I hear to you and your father to sing that lovely song and I got enloved of it. Now, I want to play to you it at the guitar. I want to remember Papà Nestor with his favorite song.”

Adam began to play with tears in his eyes.

Tu scendi dalle stolde o Re del cielo,
e vieni in una grotta al freddo e al gelo,
e vieni in una grotta al freddo e al gelo.
O Bambino mio divino, io ti vedo qui a tremar.
O Dio beato!
Ah! Quanto ti costò l’avermi amato.
Ah! Quanto ti costò l’avermi amato.

A te che sei del mondo il Creatore,
mancano i panni e il fuoco, o mio Signore.
Mancano i panni e il fuoco, o mio Signore.
Caro eletto pargoletto, quanta questa povertà
più mi innamora, giacchè ti fece amor povero ancora.
Giacchè ti fece amor povero ancora.

His wife tried to join him singing it, but she could not continue singing, because she is crying. Ben hugged her, while Adam finished the song….

Tu lasci del tuo Padre il divin seno,
per venire a tremar su questo fieno;
per venire a tremar su questo fieno.
Caro eletto del mio petto, dove amor ti trasportò!
O Gesù mio, perchè tanto patir, per amor mio…

When Adam finished to play, he left the guitar and joined his wife and hugged and kissed her. All the family had tears in their eyes. Missis Cartwright whispers to Adam: “ I love you and I must trust in you, sorry my dear”. Adam answered, kissing her.

They keep talking a little and after Adam, his wife went for the kids and returned their home with Peggy and Olaf. They put the children in bed, while they were doing that Peggy entered to the room yelling, with: “Look the doll, Saint Nicholas bring me”

Adam said her: “You deserve it, you have been a very good girl, you do a great job with our Christmas tree and helping Graziosa with the children. Merry Christmas. I love you, little princess.” Adam and Peggy hugged, while Graziosa looked at them lovely. Adam and Graziosa escorted her to the bedroom.

While Olaf had went to his bedroom and he put a face of surprise, because he found on his pillow, a package gift wrapped. He opened it. When he realized, it was his mother´s bible, he opened in tears and crying got sleep. Adam enters his room later. He looked the boy is sleeping over the bed and had the bible in his hands. He covered him with the blanket and teased his hair. Graziosa look at them from the door.

Adam and Graziosa went to their room hugging them.

At the next morning, Adam and Graziosa were awaken suddenly, by theirs kids. Little Grace entered the room completely happy, followed by a concerned Peggy holding Little Grace coat in her hands. Both girls are dressed with their night suit. Little Grace were carrying two puppies in her arms, and one of them was a real one. Both Adam and Graziosa were surprised.

Little Grace yelled: ”Daddy , Mommy, Santa had bring me two puppies. They can play together.”  Graziosa looked her with resignation, while Adam put a concern look, thinking for himself, “no, not again”. Peggy looked at him, and both know what they were thinking.

Little Grace said: “Little Ben also receive two horses. A rocking horse and a little horse with his mother”.

Adam put his hand over his head as he had a headache and said to his wife: “Dear, Let´s see what else brings to us, Santa. Girls wait for us in first floor, please”. Adam put his shirt and trousers.

Graziosa said laughing: “Let´s see it”. She puts her coat.  They went downstairs.

When he got outside, They watched Olaf and Little Ben, in night suit but both covered with coats, playing with a Pinto mare and her colt. Adam puts a concern look, and said to her wife: ”I wonder, who is Santa´s helper”. Both smiled with a resignation look.

Ben, Hoss and Joe, hears the noise and appeared there. Ben looked his grandchildren playing with the puppy and the colt and laughed, especially after he looked Adam´s look. Adam approached to his brothers and said whispering: “If I know that Santa´s helper was one of you. I will kill you, dear brothers.”

Joe began to laughs, while Hoss nodded Adam.

After this morning, after cleaned and got dress the children. Adam and Graziosa were talking in his bedroom, while they dressed.

Graziosa said: “Well, I hope this pony wouldn´t be dangerous for Little Ben”

Adam answered laughing and hugged her: “Oh, my silly wife, this is not a pony. It is a colt. Didn´t you see the mare? The colt will be a horse of a similar height of the mare, maybe like Cochise”

Graziosa said surprised: “That height. It will be dangerous for my boy. We have to let it away in a way our children do not suffer.”

Adam said: “It is a colt; it will be horse in three more years. It cannot be any danger for Little Ben, now or in three more years. I think it is a good idea to keep it. However, I have to know who pay for it. A horse like this is not cheap. Well, the puppy it is another history.”

Graziosa said: “ It so cute. I cannot imagine it could be dangerous for Little Grace”

Adam put a concern look: “Now it is cute, but in less a year it will be dangerous. It is a wolf puppy not a dog puppy.”

Graziosa said: “A wolf?”

Adam continued: Yes, and I feel I living again this trouble. I have a similar situation with Peggy, Laura and her foreman. He gave a wolf puppy and I argued it is dangerous for Peggy and I had a discussion with Laura. After a few months, she had to recognize, I was right. But, Peggy suffered, because she had to abandon the wolf.”

Graziosa said: “Better to disappoint Little Grace now, than later. But It won´t be fair she cannot keep her gift and Little Ben, yes. I have to disappoint both soon.”

Peggy interrupted them: “No, Adam, please aunt Graziosa. Do not disappoint the children. Please Adam don´t do the same with Little Grace you do it with me. I was hearing, sorry.”

Adam answered mad:”Little lady, I am very disappointed, you cannot hear our conversations. You already have the experience with that wolf puppy.”

Peggy argued: “But, this time it might not be the same way. Olaf said that we can teach the puppy to behave like a dog. At his tribe, they do it all the time. Let´s Olaf and I take the responsibility.”

Adam answered: “Peggy, that it out of discussion”

Peggy went out the room crying

Adam said angry. “It seems Peggy didn´t learn the lesson. She is as stubborn as her mother was.”

Graziosa answered: “Adam, maybe she and Olaf have the reason. Let´s try.

Adam yelled: “You too, this thing is out of conversation. I said the puppy goes and it will go.”

Graziosa said: “Porca misseria, Adam. Tu sei testardo. You didn´t want to hear any other argument but yourself.  Hear us, please. Maybe you have the reason, but I can see the problem to hear what Olaf and Peggy want to propose us, quietly.”

Adam argued: “I am not testardo. But I want to protect my family of the danger.”

Graziosa said: “Please, my dear, hear the children. I don´t want to disappoint any of them.”

Adam said more quiet: “Fine, sweetheart. We don´t have any rush to throw out the puppy or the colt. They are not dangerous now or in several days. I am a stubborn. I have to apologize Peggy and to you.”

Graziosa said: “I had forbidden you, because I understand you made to protect us. I love you.”

Adam said: “I love you my Italian gal.”

Graziosa answered: “Oh yes, my stubborn “gringo”

After lunch, Adam and his wife were drying the dishes and she said: “Darling, look at that”. Outside of the house, Olaf was feeding the mare and the colt, at the side the wolf puppy was sleeping quietly. Graziosa continues:”I think I know who Santa´s helper was”.

Adam answered her: “Who? Olaf? You meant he bring the puppy and the colt. But, how he gets the money to buy the colt?”

Graziosa said: “But, who else could get a pinto colt and a wolf puppy? And who else was out during last afternoon?”

Adam continued:” So, yesterday he was bringing Christmas presents to his brother and sister, and he gets later. I was unfair with him, but I cannot do anything else. Do you think it a good time to talk to him now, sweetheart?”

Graziosa answered: “Yes, I think you have to talk to him, now.”

Adam asked with a funny smile:”And, could I give him his Christmas present? Really I am more disappointed than him, because I cannot give it to him.”

Graziosa answered teasing Adam´s chin. “Sure, silly”

Adam smiled and went outside to talk to his eldest son.

Adam asked Olaf: “It is a beautiful mare Olaf, isn’t it? Her colt it will be a great horse.

Olaf answered dubitably: “Father, yes. Sunlight is a great mare. She is the mother of Wind, and of course, Breeze will be a great horse.”

Adam smiled and asked: “Breeze?”

Olaf answered: “Yes, that was the name Little Ben chooses to him. He told if the eldest brother was Wind and he is smaller, he might be Breeze”

Adam said: “Great name. Breeze will be a great horse to little Ben, Thank you, son. I appreciate so much what you have done. Breeze might cost you a big amount of money. How do you get it?”

Olaf answered: “Well, I sell all the skins of the animals I hunted, but I receive some help from grandfather and uncle Hoss.”

Adam said (surprised): “Pa?. That is interesting.  Aha, that’s it is the explanations why you returns without any hunted animal in the last two months. I was wondering why“

Olaf said: ”I never might think you have notice it. I thought you have no interest in me”

Adam answered: “Son, I am interested in all the things you do and happen to you. That it was why I was so concern when you arrive late, yesterday. I didn´t understand, what are you doing, so I reacted with anger, only because I have fear of loosing you. If only you have trusted in me. I could help you.”

Olaf said:”But I think you had never accepted my idea”

Adam said:”Well, maybe Graziosa killed me, but I wanted to buy a pony to Little Ben. But your idea wasn´t exactly my one, but we have made an agreement. Well, I don´t know how we will explain Little Ben, he has to wait for a couple of years before he can ride on Breeze.”

Olaf said: “I already explained it and he has understood. Both have to rise together and he will trust in each other. Not like you do it, white people. You don´t win the horse trust and you don´t trust in his horses. Little Ben and Breeze have to be twins souls”

Adam argues: “Do you think Sports don´t trust in me?”

Olaf answered: “Of course, he doesn’t trust in you, and you never trust in his instincts. He always tries to defy you and you always try to keep him in control. No one of you both could read the other. You must learn to trust in him“

Adam argued:” Come on, I trust in Sports”

Olaf answered: “Would you ride in Boy with your eyes closed?”

Adam answered: “Well, Do I have to do it, son? I will do it only if you ride at my side.”

Olaf said: “ We have a deal, Pa”

Adam asked: What we will do with the wolf puppy?”

Olaf answered: ”With Marble, Why?”

Adam said: “Because it is a wolf and it can be dangerous when it grows up”

Olaf said: “Of course it is a wolf, but we always have wolf in the tribe as they were dogs. Pa, you have told me, you used to be with Indians when you were a boy. Have you never realized that the puppies are wolves?”

Adam answered: “Yes, but. Well, I understand your point, I used to play with them and they weren’t dangerous to me. I have forgotten it. (smiling) I think Marble and Breeze stays.”

Olaf said (laughs): “Of course, they stay, Pa”

Adam enlarged a package and said: “Take this. It is your Christmas present. I was so disappointed because I cannot give to you tonight. I made to bring it directly from New York. It is brand new and the last model“

Olaf opened the package and yelled:” A rifle!!!! Thanks, Pa. Could you learn me to use?”

Adam said:”Of course, son. Why we don´t go hunting tomorrow night”

Olaf answered: “Good idea. I appreciate your two gifts, Pa.”

Adam said: “Son, It is your mother´s bible. She left it to me when she had to leave me.  The history of you family was wrote there. You have to continue writing. You can put there you are the product of your mother and father love. I love your mother so much and I had to left her to leave to protect her as she leave me to protect me. But if I had knew she is expecting a baby, nothing could be got me apart from you both. You are a precious gift from your mother and I want to give all the love I cannot give to you all these years. Please let me be close to you, trust in me.”

They hugged each other. Adam had tears in his eyes. He was thinking in the great gifts he had received at this Christmas, the love of his eldest son, another son will arrive in summer and the dream with Inger that gived him happiness but showed him grief in the future.

After dinner, Adam began to talk with Ben: “Pa, It seems, I guess who was the Santa visited the children, yesterday afternoon. Do you know who could be?”

Ben answered: “No idea, son. Who do you think it was?”

Adam continued: “Well, He must be someone who knows Olaf will bring the kids a colt and a puppy, and also someone who had not being seeking Olaf this afternoon”

Ben asked: “And who is that person?”

Adam answered: “You”

Ben argued:”Me. Adam son, you don´t believe in Santa. I prefer to think it was the real Santa. And how do you explain I could now about those special dreams we have?”

Adam asked: “Do you have a special dream, too?”

Ben answered: “Yes, I dream with your mother, riding in a cloud. She was so proud and happy because you are a great man with a beautiful family. I dream with Inger then. She was happy because her two children were good and happy. She said she will protect Hoss. And for the last I dream with Marie. We were at New Orleans and she told me to left Joe to go there. She will be there protecting him.”

Adam said surprised: “Really?”

Ben continued: “Joe told me, he was a little concern because he has dreamed with his mother. She is asking him to go to New Orleans, where his right one woman is waiting. I told him he has to go. I am no longer afraid to let him to go. Did you have a dream also?”

Adam answered: “Graziosa, dream with her father, her mother and her aunt. They are very happy because we are here and have a beautiful family. They told her, they had known she will live in an English spoken country. “

Ben asked again” And you?”

Adam said: “Well, Graziosa and I will have something to told you. You will be grandfather again”

Ben answered happy: “A beautiful new, son. Are you happy?”

Adam answered: “Of course, I will have another son in summer and now Olaf and I made peace. But now, I am confused, who was Santa?”

Ben said: “Why we just think it was the real one?”


The next morning, Adam announces: “Family, this night, the Cartwright men will go hunting”

Ben asked surprised: “Sorry son, who are those Cartwright men are you talking about?”

Adam answered: “Well, Joe, Hoss, Will, Olaf and I”

Ben said to his grandson: “It seems Little Ben, us the two Benjamin are excluded from this hunting. Well, I also have an announcement, Mister Cartwright, the only one, the master of the Ponderosa, Benjamin Cartwright the second and the three Cartwright ladies will go to a picnic tomorrow. I will wait there the Cartwright boys arrives from hunting”

At the next morning, Ben and Graziosa were preparing the table for the picnic. Ben said: “I am a little concern because the “boys” didn´t arrive soon. Every time, they went hunting, they hunted problems.”

Graziosa smiled and said: “Pa, don´t be concern maybe there are only late.”

Peggy yelled: “They are coming”

Ben sighed relieve

Adam arrived first very dirty and getting down the horse, kissed his wife and said:”My dear, please give a warm coffee, I am frozen.”

Graziosa asked:” Why, and where are your groceries”

Hoss approached and said: “That dam mule escapes and let all our groceries to fall into the river”

Joe (very dirty) got down his horse and said mad:” and because you let the mule escapes, I have to get into river to tries to saves the groceries”

Adam said very mad:”And to save you little brother, Will and I fall into the river also. I will be drawn if Olaf didn´t throw a rope, because my other brother was chasing the mule, instead of saving us.”

Will arrived also, dirty and only smiles when he hear the discussion

Graziosa asked Olaf: “Olaf, how was your hunting experience with the Cartwright men?”

Olaf answered: “It was very funny, Auntie, very funny. I hunt a rabbit with my new rifle, it was amazing”

Ben asked: “And where it is the rabbit, grandson?”

Hoss answered instead: “Pa, we have to eat it, we were starving”

Ben said:”How a pity, Daughter let´s go home. We were waiting the Cartwright men to cook his hunting to eat it at lunch”

Hoss complained: “you don´t bring anything to eat”

Hop Sing said: “Mistel Hoss, only cheese and bread”

Hoss said: I am starving, I will eat anything, even cheese”

Hop Sing said: Mistel Ben, it was a good idea to bring food from the house”

Graziosa said: “Here I have coffee for the frozen Cratwrights men. Hop Sing lets put the food in the table. Pa don´t made to suffer these men more”

Ben said laughing: “Well, let´s enjoy Cartwright men hunting”

All laughed.


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