Short Stories #2 (by mumu74)

Summary:   Short-stories about the Cartwright, being young or father.

Rated: K+  WC 6000

Short Stories Series:

Short Stories #1
Short Stories #2

Short Stories #2


I’m a big big boy n°5


« Allright, mon petit. Now you have to sleep for a while.


-Joe not “petit”. Joe big boy  No need to sleep.


Almost three-years-old boy raises his head, he stands on tiptoe to show them how big he is now.  His father grabs him in his arms and takes him upstairs. In the little room close to the parents room, Ben puts his son on a chair and takes away the shirt and the pants.


Joe do it. Joe big boy now.” The little boy adds by taking his pants down. Then he springs in his fathers arms. Ben graps him and puts him in his bed.


So now, close your eyes and fly to the dreamland, sweety.


-Pa, what do now ?


-I have to go to work. I have to take care of horses.


-Little Joe want a horse. Big horse for big Boy Joe.”


Ben gives him a tender kiss on the forehead and closes the door.



on the Ponderosa, sunday


That’s it young man”.


Ben grabs the little boy, puts him on his knee and counts. 


One, two, three, and another one for the birtday”.


Gentle swats for a birthday party. It’s an important day. Joe is 3. His mother backed a lovely chocolate cake and put some candies on it. Three big candles are dancing on the chocolate cream and Joe just lighted them out with a powerful puff.


Now it’s time for present.”


With all the energy of his new year, Little Joe springs everywhere and shake his arms. Adam gives a wink to Hoss, who puts his big hand on baby brothers eyes. Then he can open the eyes, he sees the big present brought by Adam and his father.


wahoo, that’s big” he says with excitement in his eyes. He tears the paper and discovers a big rocking horse. He mounts and takes a serious face. Adam holds his own hat and puts it on Joes head.


Big Joe is a cow boy”.


Everyone starts laughing.



Pa, Joe want sleep with big horse. Please pa.


Joe, the correct words are “May I , so try again.


-Pa, May I-Joe sleep with horse ?”


Ben looks at his wife, she nods. So he accepts and Adam brings the horse in the little room. Joe is a very very happy big boy. He had a nice party.



« Allright, mon petit. Now you have to get some sleep.


-Joe not petit. Joe big boy now. No need to sleep.”


Three-years-old boy raises his head, again he stands on tiptoe to show them how big he is now.  His father grabs him however in his arms and takes him upstairs. In the same  little room close to the parents room, Ben puts his son on a chair and takes away the shirt and the pants.


Joe do it. Joe big boy now.” The little boy adds by taking his pants down. Then he springs in his fathers arms. Ben graps him and puts him in his bed.


So now, close your eyes and fly to the dreamland, sweety.


-Pa, what do now ?


– I go to bed, I’m tired. And mama too. We need to sleep to.


-But pa, you’re big, not need sleep”. Joe wonders, that his pa says that.


-Oh yes, son. I need to sleep, your ma too. We’re tired. So now, close your mouth, close your eyes and go to sleep. Good night, sweetheart.”


Ben closes the door and comes down to help his wife. He sends Hoss and Adam in their room. Adam asks for a few minutes more to read , his parents nod.


But not the whole book, son, promise ?


-I promise pa. Good night.


-Good night son, good night Hoss.”


Both of them leave the room after having kissed their ma and pa and go upstairs.




Ben and Marie stay a little while to help Hop Sing cleaning the kitchen and reach their bedroom. As they walk toward the stairs, they hear some noise. Both of them raise their head. What they see takes their breath. Joe is on the horse, the horse is about to fall over the stairs.

NOO”. Marie yells.  Ben runs up the stairs, just to catch his baby boy who was about to fall flat on his face. Ben sits down direct on the steps and hugs his son against his chest. Then he shakes him until his baby teeth rattle.


What got into you, young boy ? You could have been hurt or killed. Don’t do that again”.


The baby boy hides his head against the chest of his mother and starts crying, the voice of his father frightened him. Marie puts her hand on his head :


We’re sorry, we both yelled, treasure. But you frightened us.


-Joe, Joe ju-just w-w-want -snif- go -snif – on horse.”


Ben and Marie go spare, they just had the biggest fear of their parents life. Oh lord, if they didn’t have heard anything. Both of them address a deep prayer to the lord who saved their son tonight. It’s a miracle, he could have been killed, for shure. 


Baby boy will return in his bed, and big horse will sleep downstairs. No more horse in the stairs”. Ben decides. He will not be able to resist to another shock the same he just had.


*******the morning after.


The parents are awake, taking a solid breakfast before starting a new day. Hoss and Adam just for school and baby brother is still sleeping. Marie just watched him. He sleeps on his stomach, with teddy bear in his arms. She resisted to the pleasure of touching the curly hairs, for not awaking him. It’s better for her and Ben if he can sleep a few minutes more. She has a lot to do and Joe needs to be watched. A lot.


************at the table

you trail the cows home, today ?


-yes, and I have to go. Hanks and the ranch hands are waiting for me. I……


-Mo-ning pa, mo-ning ma.”


In front of them ? Little Joe. No Mister Joe Cartwright dressed in very big pants, in a very very big shirt and the feet in very big boots.


What’s that ? Hey, wait a minute ? This is my shirt ? JOSEPH, did you go in our room ?




– Joseph, I repeat : did you go in our room ?


– Joe, no want baby clothes. Big boy now. So Joe need big clothes. Taken pas clothes.”


Ben doesn’t need to take down the pants, they’re already down. He grabs his little boy and delivers three quick swats on his bottom.


Joe, it’s forbiden to go in ma’s and pa’s room. Joe is a naughty big boy and pa isn’t proud of his disobediant boy. Go to your room, go on.”


A last swat  landed on his small baskside , pushes him towards the stairs.


***********On the evening

SO now, you can be a big boy”.


Ben just put a big box in Joes room, with old clothes, old boots and old hats.


You can use it, Pa gives to you old clothes. But remember, don’t take mine or brothers clothes, understood ?


-Yes sir.


-If you take my pants or my boots again, I take your horse for two long days.” Adam adds.


Joe  is a big boy now, he knows how to count. Two whole days, that means a night, a long a long time without horse. Oh yeah, he will obey.



I disappointed you, n° 6

« hey Adam, you can go. Promise me, you’ll be careful.


-Yes mam, »


Adam leaves with his hat and his bag. In the bag, bread and cheese, and the fishing rod he received on Christmas. Springtime is there for a month and the sun is brighting in the sky. It’s a lovely day.  The long journey is soon over, so families may have some break a few days. Covered wagons are in circle to provide protection and create some special atmosphere. Men and women are working, some have repairing to do, women have to wash clothes and children have some learning to do with Mrs Jackson, who choose to teach them the basics. Adam is a smart boy, his homeworks are done for a long time. So he may have some fun.


“You go fishing, son ?


-Yes pa.


-Have a good time. Do mum and I have to prepare the pan ? You bring big fishes ?


-I’ll try, pa. I’ll try.”




Adam comes home with 3 big fishs. He is happy, it was a good time and a good fishing. He likes bringing food at home. Even if he is just 7 he wants to do his share, providing food for the family, just like his pa.


*********the day after

« Adam, you can go fishing, but I want you to be home at three. I need some help.


-Yes mam, I’ll be there. I promise. »


Like every day Inger is working hard. She makes and mends all the clothing, cooks the food, raises the children, and doctors the sick. As a woman pionneer, she can also fire a gun, or fix anything that got broken. Today she has to dye some cloth. Mr and Mrs Jenkins have died during the journey. They were  sick and before they died, they offered the cloth from their wagon. Each family received a part of it to make some new clothes for children. Inger wants to sew a new shirt for her husband and for Adam. But today she has to reach for water, a lot of water for the preparation. The buckets are small and she needs a lot. Ben isn’t here to help, he’s hunting in the forrest with others men to bring some meat and fruits. On the evening, the families will eat together. Mr Boowmacker will take the guitar and Mr Owen will take the violin. They will sing and the wind of the night will answer. That happens every time they do that. Adam loves that kind of party, so he can dance with Daisy Boowmacker. She’s a lovely young lady and Adam likes being with her.


*********Near the wagon.

Inger brings the last bucket : she knows, she needs 15 buckets to fill the big pot with hot water. She almost burnt her legs. As she comes back from the river, she sees her husband coming to meet her.


“Hey darling, give me that.


-Oh thanks, Ben; It’s so heavy. I don’t understand, Adam should be there. He promised, he would help me. But he didn’t come.


-Where is he ?


-He went fishing. But I told him, to be here at three.


-Inger, do you know, how time is it ?


-No, I didn’t have any time to look at.


-Inger, it’s almost five”. Ben angrily says. “And I just found his rod behind the big stone, there.” He points another direction, near the forest, where he was hunting.


Ben can’t hide the anger he feels inside. He looks at the tracks in the direction where Adam went. He wasn’t at the river, or else Inger would have seen him.


“do you know, where he went fishing, hem, I mean, where he left  ? He asks,  thinking about the fact, that his son surely wasn’t fishing.


-No, he just left.


-There he is now. He had better have a good explanation.


Ben and Inger exchange an “oh boy” look,  Inger can feel her husband’s anger building.


« Oh ma, may I help ?


-MAY YOU HELP ? bellowes Ben. “Where have you been ? Your mother was waiting for you. »


-I guess, I lost time.




For the second time Ben repeats a sentence. That’s the sign that he is very angry.  Ben stars long and hard at his son, then he addresses him


« Why are you late ?”



Adam gulps, his mouth as dry as the hot desert.


– I lost my rod, I tryed to find it, pa, you’ve to believe me.


-You’re telling me, you lost your rod. Is this one ? With a A curved here ?



Adam nods vigorously, he just realized his father would only have to check to catch him in a lie.  Ben Cartwright hates lying worse than any other wrong his boy could commit.  It had been made very clear to him that any punishment he might receive for a misdeed would be increased dramatically if he was caught lying about it.  So Adam decides to tell the truth.  He takes a deep breath and looks up at his father, who seems particularly tall and imposing as he stand there with his arms crossed, his expression unreadable.


-Yes pa, it’s mine. I didn’t go fishing, I went for a walk with Daisy.


-Didn’t you hear your ma say to come home at three ?


Adam hangs his head again.


“Yes,” he says in a barely audible tone.


“I didn’t hear your answer.  Did you hear what your mother said?”


Adam looks up.


“Yes, Pa.  I heard her.”


Ben uncrosses his arms and places his hands on his son’s shoulders.


“Son,” he says, and paused a moment, “you are in big trouble.”


Inger walks to the wagon.  She stops and turn back to Adam.


“Adam, you know, I’m not even angry with you , I’m just disappointed in your behavior this afternoon,” is all she says.  « you promised to help me ».


“I suppose, you and I should have a very necessary talking. Inger, excuse-me my dear, I have to deal with this young boy of mine. » Ben interjects, pointing his finger down at the head of his son. “I want to take care of this now and get it over with.”Ben adds, running a hand through his hair, disillusioned.

Ben takes Adam with him to a private place, far away from the wagons.  As Ben leaves, Inger realises how her husband looks troubled.  He comes around her and says quietly. « trust me to handle that fast. Tell the others we won’t be long. I know everyone wants to have fun with dinner and music and dance. »

Ben sits on a big stone and pulls the child between his legs. He bowes his head for a moment, he needs to think about it to find the right words to say to Adam. He clears his throat, then raises his head.


« Son, I’m very angry with you. But I’m ready to listen. Tell me what happened . Be honnest, please.


-Pa, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise, I was late. I didn’t mean it. I … I just forgot. I was playing with Daisy.


-Well, I understand. But you still have to be punished. Ben says.


-Pa, I know, I deserve it. I know, it won’t hurt me as much as what Mama just said.”


Ben looks up in surprise.


« I beg your pardon ? What do you mean?”


-“I mean a spanking will hurt for a little while. But Ma said I disappointed her.  That hurts me inside for a long time,” the child answers guilelessly.


Ben  looks at the  boy in front of him, standing straight and patient.


“So it’s important to you not to disappoint your mother?”


– Pa. I’m sorry I disappointed ma and you. I had fun with Daisy and I just forgot my promise. I’m really sorry. Adam says, nodding.


At this moment, Ben realises that his son is speaking from his heart.  He isn’t trying to avoid a spanking.  He puts his hand around Adams shoulders and talks with soft voice :

« Son, I appreciate what I just heard. I wasn’t proud of you for having broken a promise you did to your ma. But you realised, how wrong you did. You have to be punished but I won’t spank you. Spanking are for children who desobey on purpose, and you didn’t. As you said, you just forgot. You’re a brave boy, I know, I can count on you everytime I need some help. But you’re still a kid and I can’t expect from you to be perfect. You did wrong, but I forgive you.


-thanks Pa.


-Don’t forgive to apologize to your ma. And tonight, no party for you. You’ll stay in the wagon with paper and pen. You’ll write a long letter to your mother, is that clear, son ?


-Yes sir.


-You just make sure do your best not to disappoint her or me anymore, all right?”


-I’ll pa. »


Ben opens his arms and hugs Adam before letting him go to the wagon.



Ben and Inger had a pleasant time with the families around the campfire. When they came back they fand Adam asleep in the wagon. He wrote a very long letter to Inger, to apologize. Ben put a cover around him and kissed him tenderly. Oh yes he could be proud, very proud of his boy. Not perfect but conscious of his wrong steps. A good boy.








«She’ll always be there , as the stars»… N°7


« We need a carrot for the nose and stones for the eyes » add Ben, by putting snow on the head of the big snowman he is doing with his son. Five years old Hoss is waiting for instructions. Pa  knows everything, he knows how to do perfectly snowmen.


It’s sunday afternoon and Hoss enjoys each moments with his father. Between school and hard job, there is not much time rest for playing and being with him.


« Hoss, do you like the snowman ? pa asks to his son.


-Yeah, exactly the same like you.. Same dark eyes. But I prefer to see those eyes on the snowman, I know,  I’m not in big touable… »


Ben laughs and finishes the snowman by puting the carrot in the middle of the face. Then he adds the pipe he took close to the fireplace.


« Oh Pa , that’s great. »


-yes, but now, we have to go home ; It’s late. Hop sing said, we have to be home before dark comes. Remember ?


Hoss nods and they walk towards the big house.


« Pa, why Hop Sing is at home now ?


-Remember what I say, when he came ? I met him in town and he offered his help.


-He is kind. He gives me cookies. I love him very much.


-Son, you have lovely feelings toward him. And I’m very proud of you. »


Hoss walks in the snow, he holds his father’s hand. His pa has a so big hand. Joe looks at his tiny hand, lost in the very very large hand of his father.


« Pa, why your hand are so big ?


– So that I can do hard job and so that I can hug you and give you love.


« Hey Pa, do we have brother or sister there, » he asks by showing the moon ?


-I don’t know.  Ben is amused by the question. He doesn’t know what to answer, because he doesn’t know, what his son wants to know.


-But sure, look, pa there’s light. And that light, is mama’s light, isn’t it, pa ?


-Oh yes, son . It’s her light above our head, sending us love and protection.


-Pa, what is a refuge ?


-Mh, you ask, son ?  Sorry I didn’t hear you.


-what is a refuge. Adam said, I have to take refuge in Ma’s memories.


-that means, when you’re sad, when you miss Ma, think about her. Think about her face, think about the love she had for you. And that’ll help you to feel better.


-Pa, is it what you do ?


-Yes, I close my eyes and I cherish the memories of her. And then I watch you and Adam, and I feel better. After all you’re the most lovely gift she let me, and I feel the same about Adam.


-So ma’s refuge is this star ?


-yes son , replyes Ben with tears in the eyes. In the silence of the night, Ma’s star will always be there, whispering sweet words for you.


-do you miss her, pa ?


-yes. I miss your ma, I miss Adams mother.


-How was ma ?


-she was lovely, and kind , and patient. I’ve never seen her being upset or angry at anybody. She had a lovely smile. She had wonderful blue eyes, and you know why, when I look at you, I see the portrait of your mother. You have her blue eyes and that kindness in the glance , the same she had.


-Is it true, pa ? »


Ben doesn’t answer, he just nod and puts his hand around Hoss shoulders. They hurry up towards the warm house. Hop Sing is waiting for them with supper, he brings bread and water but Ben asks for a glass of wine.


« Hop Sing, where is Adam ?


-Your son left the yard, he told me.


-That’s good, Hop Sing. But he should be home now. »


Just as he said that, Adam opens the door. He puts his hat on the credenza.


« I’m sorry Pa, I lost sense of time. I was working with Brooke. We have to write a referat about history.


-No harm, son. Apologize accepted. Go on wash your hands. We eat now.


-Yes sir. »



-I’ll tell a story , son . Wait for me. Ben delivers happy dreams each night, at this moment his powerful voice becomes sweet and low. 


« It was once uppon a time ……. »


Ben reads the words from the book, the story of a Teddy Bear wishing to have a friend for Christmas. Hoss is quiet, looks at his father , Hoss enjoys each word. He pictures perfectly the scene. His father reads it so good.  But there are some moments that Hoss don’t understand. So he asks.


« Pa, why the Teddy Bear refuses to be friend with the snowman ?


-because the snowman is too cold, he doesn’t like him., Ben explains. 


-I like snow, it’s like a big mantel. It’s so silent, all is white, everything is different.


-yes son, snow erase everything, the tree, the stones. »



Ben just left the bedroom after having kissed Hoss. The young boy waits and stands up, as slow as he can. He puts his hand in his pants pocket and takes something. He has a little angel in his hand. Silently he goes to the window and look at the stars in the sky ;


« Ma, look at me. I’m a big boy now. I can do a lot alone, almost. Look at what I did with Adams help. I curved an angel. I’ll give it to pa. I’m glad, you shine in the sky above my head. So I’m not afraid being alone in my bed.  I know, you’re here. I wish, I could hear your voice, Pa said, you had a beautiful voice. I’m sure, you had a lovely one.







Don’t do it again. N° 8



1877, in Joe Cartwrights home, on the Ponderosa.


« It’s allright, son. It’s forgoten. Just don’t do it again , you know better than to run» replyes Joe to Jack, his 10-years-old son. The young boy, full with energy , just knocked his father as he came in the room runing. Adam is in the room, with a cup of coffee in the hand. Amused he gives a look at his young brother and comments , with ironie :


« I’ve already heard that before, havent’I ? Like father, like son » Adam replyes.


-What’s the reason of that runing, son ? Joe asks to the boy. It’s true that the boy always had a good reason for runing. Walking ? His father wonders, if he knows what that means. Jack doesn’t walk, he runs.


-Nothing serious, Pa. I just forgot something. »


Joe doesn’t insist. Useless. Jack has thousand idea in his head, a boiling mind , always lost in his imaginary world. Too much reading ? Maybe. Fantasy ? For sure. Joe is surprised because reading never turned him on. That’s incredible.

The « nothing » is schoolbag. Joe raises his eyes up and sighs. I wish , he could put some sense in his sons mind.




The whole family goes to town. It’s saturday and kids have to go to school , Joe and Jocelyn have to buy some supplies. Jack and Madleen are waiting for sunday. The whole week at school is long. Baby Josh stay at home with Ma, and they’re a little bit jealous.


********in town


« hey pa, did you see that animal ? I’m sure , it’s a wolf.


– no, Jack, just a dog, that’s all. »


Jack doesn’t insist, he knows, what he saw. It’s a wolf, a beautiful wolf. The same he would like to have.




*********In the room, later. Two days after.

The whole family seats down in the big room, near the fireplace. Joe just puts a big log in the fire and children look at books or play with toys. It’s pleasant. Ma is telling a story to baby Josh. Madleen listens at the story with her doll in her arms. Jack is writing an essay for school. He’s writing about the fantastic wolf. He saw the famous wolf again, the wolf he had seen in town. He knows now, whom the wolf belongs. He talked to the man. After school, Jack saw the man in the main street with the wolf and they had a fantastic conversation.


« A wolf ravished his prey one day. He ate so fiercely and hungrily that a bone got lodged in his throat, causing him grievous pain. He howled and howled in agony and offered a rich reward to anyone who could remove the bone. A crane passing by considered the money, and after seeing the wolf and hearing him scream in such pain, took pity upon him. She used her long thin bill to reach down his throat and remove the bone. And after removing the bone, she asked the wolf for the promised reward.

“Reward!” cried Jocelyn, imitating the wolf ‘s voice, “You greedy, insolent bird! Why do you deserve a reward? You’re lucky that I didn’t bite your head off when you stuck it in my mouth!” . Ma concludes, by closing the book that she just read.


« Ma, the wolf is mean », replyes Madleen.


Before Ma can reply, Jack add his point of view :


« In stories, wolfes are always mean and cruel. I know, the one who belongs to Mr Sully wouldn’t do something like that. »


-Who is Mr Sully ? His mother asks.


-The man with the wolf. He is in town with his family. His wife is a doctor and they do some invistigation. She wants to build an hospital, in the area ; maybe Virginia City or Carson City.


-And the man has a wolf ? Do they have children ?


-Yes, two. A six-years old girl named Kathie and a four-years old boy named Jason. And the wolf is with Mr Sully since it is a baby. So the wolf obeys him. I touched his coat, that’s so sweet.


-Jack, I believe you, the wolf may be kind. But it’s still a wolf. Those animals may be dangerous and I don’t want you to be close to.


-But ma, you didn’t even see it. And…


-Don’t « but ma » me, Jack.


-It’s not fair. You always say, we shouldn’t judge, before knowing, and you don’t want to ……


-JACK, that’s enough ». Joe mooves from his chair and gives a swat to the boy. A very surprised boy bits his lips and whispers , surea279; he got the message loud and clear.


« I’m sorry, ma ».


« the pleasant evening is over for you, young boy. Go in your room, I don’t want you to raise your voice to your ma, like that. You know better than that ». Joe lectures his son. With sad puppy dog eyes, Little Jack trudges up the stairs to his room.






Joe arrives at home, it’s late. He is welcome by his little girl Madleen. He just has a few seconds to put his gunbelt on the credenza, when she runs to him and springs. He lifts her with his handsome arms and hold her against his hips. Then he put his hat on his baby girls head.


« Hi sweety, did you have a good day ? Were you a good girl , Maddie ?


-Yes pa. But …. she replyes then stoppes as she sees her mother looking at her with a stern glance.


-Madleen, please, I’m the one who speaks to your pa. Now go on. »


The little girl leaves the room with the hat on her head. Joe finishes taking away his jacket and looks at his wife, worried and tired.


« so, who was a bad child, today ?


– Jack. He came late from school, I didn’t know where he was. I looked everywhere, you brother Hoss made a walk on the Ponderosa. Then we found him in the barn. He was working.


– working ? I suppose, not on his chores, or you won’t have been so upset. What he was doing ?


-he made a special box for his baby wolf. When I asked him for explanation, he was disrespectful with me. He had a tantrum that your brother stopped with a swat.


-Hoss gave him a swat ? Oh yeah, that means, it’s serious.


-You weren’t sure, it was ?


-Oh no, I believe you. It’s just, you know, I hate punishing him.


-I know, Joe, but we have to do something. He won’t stop, he decided something, he won’t stop now.


-Where is he ?


-In his room. »


Joe purses up his lips ; runs his fingers through his hairs and makes his way towards the stairs. Heavy steps, not a pleasant moment for Joe. After a long busy day he expected something else at home, than his son grounded in his room for another foolishness. Joe doesn’t feel good with discipline. He never refused his duty as father but he has never been easy for him. It tears his heart. Now he knows, what Adam or his father meant, when they said « I wish, you would have a son, the same as you are». Joe understands it. He has to do now, what his father or Adam had to do. To put boundaries and correct wrong steps.


« Oh lord, please, help me ». A fast prayer and then he is in front of the door. He knocks and opens the door. Jack leaves his bed and stands up.


« Jack, Ma just informed me, what happened today. I’m very disappointed and very angry . I had a hard long day and I wish for me something else as that. I just don’t understand, Jack. I know, you want to have a wolf. But the truth is YOU CAN’T…


-But Pa. I like wolf so much.


-I know son, but it’s not possible. Mr Sully is an exception. Not everybody may live with and tame a wolf. You can’t have any, and you can’t choose to disobey us. You have to stop that , you have to accept our decision.


-But Pa, I can’t.


– Oh yes, you can and you will. Or you’ll be in big big trouble. Like you never was before. And I mean business, son. You’ll regret it, if you keep thinking about this nonsense. You’ve been disobediant, stuborn and insolent. Don’t go on. I don’t like the idea of punishing you, but I’ll do it, it’s a promise, Jack. »


At this moment, Joe puts his fingers on his sons chin and raises it slowly. He plants his eyes in the eyes of his son. At this moment, Joe is feeling, what his father had to face, he knows, he has to keep a stern face, but emotions overhelm him.


« Son, I’m serious ; don’t be disobedient again. Or you won’t let me any other choice, than punishing you. Understand ?


-Yes sir ».


Joe turns his back and leaves the room. He goes to the main room, sits down on the settee and takes a cup of coffee. He is exhausted. Jocelyn sits down close to him and puts her hand on his arm. And she starts smiling. A warm sweet smile.


« I talked to him. I hope, he’ll change his mind. I wish, I had enough persuasion to keep him away from trouble.


– I wish it too. »




Jack sits under a tree, close to the house. School is over for today. He talked to Sully during the lunch break and now he is trying to figure how to convince his parents ; to let him have a wolf. Why do they refuse ? They didn’t even explain or gave a good reason . Just the fear that the animal could bite someone. He knows, deep in his heart, that « wolf » isn’t dangerous. If only he could show them, how kind Wolf is. Most of the people he know are frightened by wolfes. But he know, it could be different if only he could teach them, not to fear them . Jacks mind is racing. He knows, he has to find something. Maybe he could ask Sully to bring Wolf here, at home. SO his parents would see.


I will just explain to my parents that I’m going to show them, that I can take care of a wolf. Sully will teach me, and I’m sure, I’ll manage. I’ll show them.


– What will you show , Jack ? Madleens face appears.


– I can’t believe, you are listening to a private conversation?” An angry Jack replyes.


– A what? You were talking with a tree. And I wasn’t listening on purpose, ma, she sent me looking for you.”


– Allright, I’m coming. »




*********the day after, in town


As the teacher says « class is dismissed » Jack leaves school and runs out from the place. He explains to his sister, she has to wait.


« Just a few minutes, I want to talk to Mr Sully.


-You know, you’re not allowed.


-Just talking, Maddie. It won’t be long. I’ll be back soon. Wait here. »


Young Maddie sits down on a stone and starts eating an apple. She takes her book and starts reading. She already knows a few words and she likes learning. She would like to read, just as well as her big brother and her parents. She could read some stories for GrandPa. So she works hard on her book. Minutes after minutes, Jack doesn’t come back.



Oh this is serious. Jack is now in his room ; waiting for his father. His very very angry father. For some good reasons. He let his sister alone near the school. He forgot her. Roy Coffee found her in the main street, tears on her face. He brought her at home.


******** in Jacks room.

In the safety of his room he falls on his bed and put his head on his pillow. « I’ve never seen Pa and Ma so mad. Oh no, I’m gonna get it. I didn’t want to forget her, I just was…… »


Jack knows, he won’t have any chance. His father sent him in his room, he was unable to speak, just « GO UPSTAIRS , NOW » Only three words spoken with the most cold voice he has never heard from his father.


*******a few hours after,


Now it’s over, but Joe feels awful. He can’t sleep. He wasn’t too hard on his son, he just delivered what he deserved. Jack confessed, he let his sister to have a lesson with Sully about the way how to take care of a wolf. This blatant disobedience could have had terrible consequences, because he let Madleen alone in the street. This effraction was the worst and that’s why the spanking was severe. Even if Jocelyn comforted him, even if she said “you did what should be done”, it’s not easy for Joe. 


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Author: mumu74

I live in France. I'm a teacher. I'm a recent Bonanza Fan, but not a recent writer. I always used to write so I keep writing. And now Bonanza is part of my inspiration. I love writing prequels, trying to imagine how Ben Cartwright could raise young children, after so much pain and tragedy. I work now with an english friend who help me for translating. I read many fanfiction, and my english is improving. I hope, you'll have fun reading my imaginary world. Thanks for future visits and reviews.

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