Library Guide – Authors

To visit the Brand Library click on FanFiction in the Navigation bar. Or save to your favorites.

Please note, that even though the Library and the Forums share the same home page, each site requires a separate registration; the good news is the same user name and password may be used for both.

Any writer wishing to receive author status must read and abide by the Library Guidelines, and submit their first story to the Librarians for approval at the following email:

Brand encourages Authors to work with a Bonanza Brand approved Beta reader to help ensure their story meets the standards of the Bonanza Brand Library.  The Librarians may return the story for further editing, when warranted.  Our wish is to support a high-quality library where those who love Bonanza can enjoy a wide-variety of stories. After approving a story, the Librarians will contact the Brandsters to confer author status.


Request a copy of step-by-step directions on how to upload a story in the proper format and layout, send an email to the address referenced above.

If you have any questions about the Library, please contact the Bonanza Brand Librarians by email or PM in the Bonanza Brand Forums:

  • Questions from MAC users, contact jfclover.
  • Questions from PC users, contact Cheaux or BluewindFarm.

NOTE: Bonanza Brand will not accept any plagiarized works in their Library or in any literary exercises contained on their website.  If a work is found to be plagiarized it will be removed as will any and all other works by the offending writer found in all parts of our website (Library and Discussion Forums).

If you have any technical issues or questions about the Bonanza Brand website please contact the Brandsters (Site Admins) at