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Series: The Bonanza Brand Library houses over 215 fan fiction series written by our authors.

MA-Rated /R-Rated Stories: May contain explicit language and adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please heed our rating guidelines.

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21st Century Cartwrights by the Tahoe Ladies

A Brother’s Torment by Puchi Ann

A Choice to Make by DebbieB

A Circle of Family by MissJudy

A Confederacy of Dunces by BettyHT

A Gal Named Sal by Hart4Ben

A Grown Man by jfclover

A House United by Pulitzer2016

A Life Lived by HelenB

A Man Alone by Mamse5

A Modern Cartwrights Story by GinnyF and Robin

A Moment by Calim11

A Moving Tale by Robin

A Note for Santa by Dodo

A Place to Belong by Tauna Petit-Strawn

A Score to Settle by DebbieB

A Special Kind of Love by JoanS

A Stranger Returns by Tauna Petit-Strawn

A Tale of Two Feathers by DebbieB

A Young Man’s Journey by jfclover

Adam and Ruth by Bonanzaluver

Adam and Sam by acspeej

Adam and Storm by storm

Adam and the Imp of Satan by DJK

Adam in the Outback by Deborah

Adam Just by BettyHT

Adam: The Early Years by Deborah

Adam’s Memoirs by Robin

Aftermaths by sklamb

All in a Day’s Work by Puchi Ann

Almost Lost Two by BettyHT

Alone by Rona

Always My Son by Wrangler

Amelia by Meg

And This Gives Life to Thee by Freyakendra

Another Side of the Triangle by BluewindFarm

Another Stranger in Town by BettyHT

Art of Parenting (The) by the Tahoe Ladies

Art-Universe (The) by faust

At Odds by BettyHT

At the Hands of Strangers by Camera Chic

Aunt Agnes by Belle

Autumn by deansgirl

Baker’s Brat by JoanS

Barn Cat (The) by pjb

Battle of Wills (The) by Patina

Because We’re Brothers by jfclover

Bed Time by Robin

Behind the Picture by Rona

Believe in Me by Rona

Ben Brown by Hart4Ben

Ben’s Boys by DJK

Best Medicine (The) by Wrangler

Betrayal by jfclover

Betrothed, Betrayer, Betrayed by Rona

Between Brothers by DebbieB

Between First Borns by DJK

Between Two Worlds by JoanS

Blood and Bread by McFair_58

Bloodlines by pkmoonshine

Bonanza for Beginners by the Giggly Sisters

Borderland by idmarryhoss

Borrowed Time by the Tahoe Ladies

Boy to Man by Terri

Bronwen in Nevada by Deborah

Captain Cartwright by Krystyna

Care Package (The) by HelenA

Cat by BettyHT

Charity by BettyHT

Chinese Molasses by DebbieB

Choices by Cheaux

Christmas Wishes by BluewindFarm

Closed Door (The) by HelenB

Competition by Belle

Conquering the Stillness Within by Kenda

Cowboy Boots and Dancing Shoes by AC1830

Days of Discovery by DianaG

Deadeye Kid (The) by Puchi Ann

Dear Santa by Puchi Ann

Death Valley by MonicaSJ

Departure (The) by KateP

Destiny by Karilyn

Dividing Line by dbird

Dreaming Eagle (The) by Hooded Crow

East, West: Home’s Best by Puchi Ann

Easterner – Tenderfoot – Westerner by Harper

Ellie by Forzrulz

Emily by GinnyF

Emily’s Sir Eric by DJK

Enough by Justafan

Envy, Hatred, and Malice by Rona

Every Purpose Under Heaven by Wrangler

Final Goodbye (The) by JudyW

First Kiss by BettyHT

First Snow by Mamse5

For the Soul is Dead that Slumbers by Freyakendra

Forever by Rider

Forget Me Not by Tauna Petit-Strawn

Fourth Wife by JennyG

Freedom Series by JennieA

French Piano Player (The) by pjb

Games by freyakendra

Glory by southplains

Gossamer Dreams by DebbieB

Grand by Sibylle

Guilty by Rona

Harvest Dance by Belle

Haunting (The) by BettyHT

Healing Hearts (The) by MissKitty4Adam

Hearts Afire by Christy

Heat Wave by BettyHT

Her First Born by pjb

Heritage Companion by Puchi Ann

Heritage of Honor by Puchi Ann

High Cost of Pride (The) by HelenB

His First Time by BluewindFarm

Home is the Sailor by Krystyna

Honor (aka Season 15) by the Tahoe Ladies

If I’m Dreaming by DebbieB

Impasse by BettyHT

In Absentia by Belle

Inger by Krystyna

Inner Strength by pbeaking

Interlude by Nanuk

Into the Line of Fire by debpet

Invincible by Southplains

Irae by BettyHT

It’s a Bad Day, or Not by BettyHT

It’s Only a Year by MissJudy

Jack Richards Series by JC

Jenny and David by Cinderella

Just A… by Freyakendra

Lady Lawyer (The) by pjb

Laugh in the Dark by EPM

Le Collier d’Or by KateP

Leah by BettyHT

Like a Phoenix Rising by Krystyna

Lilies (The) by sandspur

Living in Darkness by Tauna Petit-Strawn

Long Road Back by Tauna Petit-Strawn

Long Road Home (The) by Annie K Cowgirl

Lost and Found by MonicaSJ (aka Adam and Becca)

Lost Son by SusanG

Love’s Last Whisper by Wrangler

Lucky by alyssajoy64

Lydia by BettyHT

Man in Black (The) by deansgirl

Man’s Best Friend by Starbuck

Many Spirits (The) by Sierra Girl

Memories of Love by DianaG

More than a Memory by JC

Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada (The) by DJK

Mules Crossing by jfclover

Mustang (The) by Rona

Nathan Kincaid by JennyG

Negotiations by BluewindFarm

One Step Closer by MissJudy

Only (The) by Donna

Only Skin Deep by Rona

Pains of Love by KateP

Paradise by the Tahoe Ladies

Part of the Rainbow by DebbieB

Perro Trilogy by KateP

Phoenix Trilogy by the Tahoe Ladies

Playing Soldiers by Dodo

Power of Love by Rona

Prodigal (The) by slaine89

Prodigal Sons (The) by Questfan

Promise Trilogy (The) by Wrangler

Red Night by BettyHT

Red by DJK

Redemption by Hart4Ben

Relative by Claire

Remember the Breaking by DJK

Remembering Hoss by BluewindFarm

Restoring the Heart of the Ponderosa by Bluewindfarm

Return (The) by dbird

Rosalie by BettyHT

Sacrificial Lamb by Kenda

Sally Lynn by DJK

Scenes from our Next Life by PSW

Seven Words by Calim11

Short Stories by Mumu74

Spirit Thief by Nanuk

Squirrel’s Stash (The) by Questfan

Stranger in our Midst by Rona

Studio Executives by pjb

Susie by Rona

Take Me Home by Home Alone

Takin’ Charge by the Tahoe Ladies

Tears of Growing Up by BluewindFarm

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine by DebbieB

Thoughts by DebbieB

Ties that Bind by JC

Time to Let Go by JoanS

To Be Loved as No Other by Laura Brodie

To Everything There is a Season by MonicaSJ

To Love Again by Rona

To the Victors by DJK

Tricks Series by shlynn

Trouble in Trigo by DianaG

Troubled Waters by Tauna Petit-Strawn

Truth by BettyHT

Two Painted Ponies, One Tender Heart by DebbieB

Very by BettyHT

Vicious Circle (The) by Karen

Virginia by BettyHT

Vision (The) by BluewindFarm

Vivian by pjb

Waiting on the Wolf by Dbird

Wavering by Arien

Way Things Are (The) by JulieS

Weekend Dad by Adams_Lover

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart by mcfair_58

What the Vultures Will Bring by Calim11

Whatever It Takes by Wrangler

Wheelchair (The) by DJK

Wheels of Fate (The) by slaine89

When Love and Hate Collide by Rona

Witches Coven by Rona

Yellow by BettyHT


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