Preserving Their Legacy

This page is dedicated to preserving the Legacy of authors who have been lost to the fandom through the years.  Writers disappear for a variety of reasons; the majority are due to e:mail address changes with no forwarding address, some are due to the author passing away, while others can be attributed to previous websites closing down or crashing, and a few due to real-life responsibilities.

Normally, we would only archive stories with permission.  Bonanza is not the only fandom to have lost many early-era authors.  After speaking with administrators from other fandom fanfiction sites, we have decided to change our policy.  Brand now considers it our responsibility to preserve Bonanza stories written by its fans.  If not granted a new home, these stories would be lost to readers. To prevent this from happening, the Brandsters will archive as many stories as possible in the Bonanza Brand Fanfiction Library in a new section specifically dedicated to Preserving Their Legacy.

The Brandsters acknowledge that the authors are the owners of their stories.  And, should an author reconnect with this fandom, we will respect their request if they do not wish their work to be archived in the Bonanza Brand Fanfiction Library.  Please reach out to us at if you are one, or if you know any, of these authors.

Click the links below to reach the page for these authors.

Adam’s Amore – added 4/20/2023

AMG – added 3/19/2023

Carla Keehn – added 3/19/2023

Cressida – added 3/19/2023

Debbie D. – added 4/20/2023

deer – added 4/16/2023

Felicity Poole – added 3/23/2023

Harmony – added 4/20/2023

Heidi / Lizk – added 4/12/2023

Jenniferk22 – added 4/13/2023

Joan Markowitz – added 4/12/2023

JRosemary – added 3/20/2023

Judy – added 4/23/2023

JulieH – added 3/20/2023

Lisa Orcutt – added 3/27/2023

Lynnette Smith – added 3/20/2023

Kathleen Pafford – added 3/20/2023

Mia – added 4/12/2023

VRON – added 3/19/2023


The following authors already have stories housed in the Bonanza Brand Library; however, we’ve found additional stories to include under this project.






More authors and stories to come…

If readers have additional stories by these authors or if you have other Bonanza stories you’d like to see included in this project, please reach out to us in at

Thank you.