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A Christmas Kiss (by McFair_58)

Summary: All sixteen-year-old Hoss wanted for Christmas was a kiss from Ellie Miller. He was so excited he set off for the Millers’ place before his brothers. Instead of a kiss, Hoss was soon hoping for a Christmas miracle….

Rated: PG
Word Count: 8081

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Stagecoach (by Arien)

Summary:  It’s a stagecoach trip, and everything goes right.  Right?

Rating:  T  (1,740 words)

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To Live in Society (by JulieS)

Summary: Adam realises that he has more to deal with than just the talk surrounding his son.  He soon finds out that even though society deems that he act in one way, deep down his feelings propel him to a different outcome. 

Rating: PG Word Count: 5829

The Way Things Are Series, links to all the stories are included within.

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Louise (by McFair_58)

Summary: Joseph Cartwright is a haunted man. He can’t forget the woman he met in Martinville. Little does he know, she remembers him as well and has made a pact with the Devil to make certain he will be hers for eternity. A WHN for the Bonanza episode Twilight Town.  The characters of Nicholas, Janette, and Lucien LaCroix were originally created by  Barney Cohan and James D. Parrott for the TV series Forever Knight. 

Word count: 38,844

Rated: PG-13

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Studio Executives #7 – Fake History (by pjb)

Summary: The Cartwrights recognize that they have a great deal to be thankful for. So why won’t they do a Thanksgiving episode?

WC: 2,440 Rating: PG

Studio Executives Series, links to all stories are included within.

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Finding Bobby (by AC1830)

Summary: When traveling with a wagon train, friends come and go. But what if it’s your best friend, and you never got to say good-bye?

Rating – K, Word Count – 5854

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Camping Trip (by Arien)

Summary: The brothers go camping, and there’s nothing better than telling a ‘ghost story’ around a camp fire, unless you try to tell the tale with these brothers.

Rating: G (1,220 words)

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A Little Bit of Heaven – a tribute (by McFair_58)

Summary: This was written for Michael Landon’s 83rd birthday.  He may be gone but he will never be forgotten!  Joe and Hoss have a discussion.

Word count: 1216

Rated: G

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When the Autumn Moon is Bright (by McFair_58)

Summary: Adam goes looking for his little brother in the woods on All Hallows Eve and finds more than he bargains for.

Word count: 2497

Rated: PG

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The Mysterious Death of Amos Snead (by Bakerj)

Summary: Hoss’ suspicions over a death leads him and Joe to an unexpected encounter. This is my entry for the October Chaps & Spurs and the Bonanza Spooktacular challenge for October 2019.
Word Count: 1735 Rating: K

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