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A Disquiet Spirit (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: An enhanced scene from The Stillness Within by Suzanne Clauser which takes place prior to Jamie’s adoption. Joe’s reflections are from The Artist. lessons in Ben for Jamie as told by the sons.

Rating: K+ WC: 967

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Confession? (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  Joe is hurt and wonders if the dream he had was a dream because it seemed so real.  It’s the kind of thing he rather wishes might be true, but then again, could this really be? 

Rating = T  Word count = 1450

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Cartwright Confessions (by AC1830)

Summary: Four vignettes in which the each Cartwright decides to share a hidden truth with the others.

Rating – K, WC – 823 

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Someday We’ll Be Together (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Hoss and Little Joe go fishing…or do they?

Rating: T

Word Count: 988

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Cheryl (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  A romance that starts out rocky for Adam and Monica.  Soon though those issues are resolved, but events take the romance in an entirely unexpected direction.

Rating = T  Word count = 15262

It’s a Bad Day, or Not Series, links to all stories included within.

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A Gal Named Sal #1 (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Hoss and Joe hire a new ranch hand while on a trip to purchase horses. Aware of the potential for problems with their father, they could not have imagined the stir the new hand would make.

Rating: T WC: 13926

A Gal Named Sal Series, links to all stories included within.

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Studio Executives #6 – On the Other Hand (by pjb)

Summary: The studio executives find themselves caught between the series regulars, who want some fresh new story lines, and the fans, who want . . . well, you’ll see.

Rating: PG
Word count: 2,650

Studio Executives Series, links to all the stories included within.

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Stagecoach (by VCLS)

Summary: A call for help and a stagecoach ride into trouble, brings danger for the Cartwright brothers.

Rated: T WC 17,185

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Dime Novel Question (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  Little Joe finishes a dime novel, and in his enthusiasm to share it with his family, he stirs a philosophical discussion and reflection on a deep moral issue.

Rating:  T  Word Count:  1086

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The Power of the Lake (by AC1830)

Summary: Whether it’s for a crisis, a romance, or good old family fun, the Cartwrights are drawn to Lake Tahoe. 

Rating – K, WC – 1603

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