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The Undiscovered Country (by sandspur)

Summary:  The problems a man keeps secret are the biggest problems of all.

Rating:   PG  (1,955 words)

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An Unnecessary Deception (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  This story brings together Everett/Rett Stoddard from the Impasse story and Sophie/Sierra from the A Necessary Sham story into a drama of settling old problems and dealing with new intrigue as well as dealing with Adam’s dissatisfaction with his life on the Ponderosa.  It’s a lot to do in six chapters so the story is fast paced.

rating = T  word count = 14949

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Giving You (by Foreverfree)

Summary: What love is all about – inspired by Joe – my favorite Cartwright.

My entry for The World Poetry Day 2018.

Rating: K Word count: 82

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Bring Marie (by McFair_58)

Summary: A WHB or prequel to ‘Between Heaven and Earth.’ Have you ever wondered what happened when Little Joe climbed Eagle’s Nest as a five year old boy that could have been so traumatic it resulted, not just in a fear of falling, but in total amnesia that lasted for nearly 20 years? This is my take on what happened when Ben Cartwright was told to ‘Bring Marie’.

Rated PG-13

Word Count:  31,167

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Colors (by AC1830)

Summary:  Colors on the Ponderosa can come from unexpected places.  My entry for World Poetry Day.

Rating – K, WC – 112

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A Necessary Sham (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  The fate of the Paiute in Nevada hangs on the testimony of Adam Cartwright and what he remembers and is willing to tell about the attack on Egan Station.

rating = T  word count = 17044

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Embalmed (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  The family wonders what is going on with Adam. They are alternately worried,  wondering, and upset with him. There are many possibilities but no one suspects the real reason for his behavior until it is nearly too late.  He’s going to need his family to survive this mess.

rating = T  word count = 11,749

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Love For A Moment (by JC)

Summary: Love comes unexpectedly to Hoss Cartwright, leaving a bittersweet memory. A poem inspired by “The Newcomers” (Season One) written by Thomas Thompson.  (Written for the World Poetry Day 2018 Challenge)

Rating: G  (168 words)

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I Met a Friend of Yours Today (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: When Joe Cartwright drags Candy over to the doctor’s office after a bar fight, he bumps into one of Hoss’ old friends.

Rated: K+ for brief mentions of violence Word Count: 1,189

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The Cabin in the Woods (by Sierra Girl)

Summary: Nothing stays the same, no matter how much we believe we want it to. For a lonely homesteader, life in her remote forest cabin was to be changed forever with the arrival of a riderless horse, a wounded Cartwright and a trigger-happy gunman.

Rated: T    (24,151 words)

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