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Terror at Old Dry Diggins (by AC1830)

Summary: When the stage route from Placerville becomes blocked by a rock slide, Adam and Joe decide to ride home. While crossing the old gold fields, a storm approaches, forcing the brothers to take refuge in an old mining cabin. During the night, they become ensnared in a legend that is beyond their worst nightmares, but will morning be any better for them?

Rating: PG-13 for horror. Nothing too graphic, more implied.
Word Count: 3103


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I’ll Wait (by Sierras)

Summary:  The Cartwrights discover dangerous and unwanted company hiding out on the Ponderosa.

Rating: PG
Word Count: 7,031


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Never Frighten the Cat – Little Joe’s Wardrobe Challenge (McFair_58)

Summary: Ben comes home to a comic crisis creating by who else – his youngest son!  Can he help him before the boy is buried alive? 

Word count: 1746
Rated: G


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Hangtown Nightmares (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Appropriate to the Halloween season, Adam has nightmares from a troubling experience he had while visiting Placerville.  It affects his relationships with his family, but the nature of the dreams means he cannot discuss them with his family and must face the issue alone.  Although there is nothing specific, there are implications of sexual behavior so this is a warning if that offends you.

Rating = R/Mature Word count = 1888


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A Simple Favor (By Missjudy)

Summary: A fellow rancher asks Adam to look in on his daughter’s family who lives in California, where Adam is about to travel with a small herd. A problem has arisen is that this daughter has fallen ill while visiting her parents in Virginia City, leaving her husband with a farm to run and two young children to care for, at the busiest time of year. While that seems easy enough, the other information Adam is given about the situation at that home, and the request being made of him, is anything but simple. What he finds on arrival changes, and the roles he must assume to get this family through the frightening times, revisits feelings he’s been contending with for some time.

Rating:  K (General)

Word Count:  32505


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Home is the Sailor #8 – A New Direction – Changes (by Krystyna)

Summary: President Grant offers Joe Cartwright a job as Head of Security in NYC. Will he take it? Hoss and Adam discover another Eden on a far flung part of the Ponderosa? What do they plan to do with it? And Ben … could this story end with his demise or not?
Rating: PG Word Count: 204,400
Home is the Sailor Series, links to the stories included within.


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The Cavalry Is Coming (by McFair_58)

Summary: A prequel to ‘A Rose for Lotta’. Ben Cartwright’s meeting with Alpheus Troy and the other mine owners did not go well. They want his timber and he won’t give it to them. The rancher knows Troy will do whatever it takes to keep his mine running, and when he arrives home to find out sixteen-year-old Little Joe is missing, he fears the worst.

Word Count: 19871
Rated PG-13 for typical Western violence 


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Eagle’s Nest (by Sierras)

Summary:  It is spring, and the winter has passed. Five-year-old Little Joe wanders off to find his mama who died a couple of months earlier. This is about the incident that is referenced by Ben to Little Joe in the episode “Between Heaven And Earth” written by Ed Adamson

Rating G

Word Count: 3,184


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Another Visit (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Joe receives a second visit but this one follows the tragedy with Alice and after Joe has returned home.  Although the material is still serious in nature, the story is in a much lighter tone than the previous one.
Rating: G   Word Count:  1477
Visits Series, links to the stories are included within.


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The Grandswing
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A Visit (by BettyHT)

Summary:  A somewhat metaphysical explanation of what happened to Adam after he left the Ponderosa in a story set in the time period immediately after the death of Hoss. Though the story is about what happened to Adam, Joe is the central character.
Rating:  G   Word count: 1640
Visits Series, links to all the stories are included within.


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