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Brothers and Thanksgiving (by BettyHT)

Summary: While Hoss and Joe chase an elusive turkey, Adam remembers an earlier Thanksgiving when Ben was away and there was a storm raging outside and turmoil inside among the brothers until the two intersected.

Rating = K   WC = 3631

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A Howl in the Night (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHN/WHIB for the episode My Brother’s Keeper. Joe finds himself lost and alone in a forest, but is he really as alone as he thinks he is?

Rating: T – (1,300 words)

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Time and Change (by PSW)

Summary: Adam reflects.

Rating: K   Word count: 754

Scenes From Our Next Life series, links to stories of this series included.

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Clarissa Returns (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  Cousin Clarissa Cartwright returns to the Ponderosa to visit her cousin, Benjamin, and “his lovely family,” on the occasion of Stacy’s graduation from school.

Rating:  K+  (40,200 words)

Bloodlines Series, links to stories of this series included.

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: It’s Adam’s first Christmas away from his family while at school in Boston. A prequel.

Rating – K    WC=1319

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Conversations (by PSW)

Summary: A series of utterly random, (hopefully) humorous conversations written as responses to Pinecone Challenges this year.

Rating: K     Word Count: 4051

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Mark of the Devil (by A_Starry_Night)

Summary:  The struggle to be left-handed is a very real one, but Little Joe Cartwright is going to meet his greatest adversity against it when an old mountain man crosses his path.

Rating: T Word Count: 18,617

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The Wrath of the Wailing Widow (by DJK)

Summary: The Wailing Widow is just a local legend, but Little Joe, Mitch, and Sally Lynn may convince a certain teacher that legends do come true.

Rating: K+ Word Count: 4009

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The Candidate (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Hoping to be the next Governor of Nevada, Joshua Whitaker is campaigning in Virginia City. It doesn’t take long for him to take aim at the Cartwrights. An adaptation of The Big Valley season 2, episode 7 “The Target.”

Rating: K+ Word Count: 7039

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Thirty-Six Ways to Get Out of Trouble (by McFair_58)

SUMMARY: Continuing the story of Ben and Rosey O’ Rourke.  In this sequel to ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Sun’, things seem normal at the Ponderosa ranch.  Ben, Adam and Hoss are hard at work and Little Joe is in trouble.  What Joe’s family cannot know is that his trouble will soon draw them into a war that will end only when the victor possesses an ancient Chinese stone that, unbeknownst to them, has come to the Ponderosa.

Rated PG-13 for typical western violence and bad guy brutality.

Word count: 83,100

Blood and Bread Series, links to stories of this series included.

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