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The Witness Tree (by AC1830)

Summary:  Adam has been back from college for a few months but is having a hard time settling in with the ranch hands and his brothers. Through the wisdom of his father he learns some lessons about being a boss and a brother. A What-Happens-Years-Before the episode The Grand Swing.

Rating – K+, WC – 9978

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The Jailbreak (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: Joe has talked Hoss into another scheme although for a good cause, and Ben confronts Roy about it in this sometimes serious, sometimes flippant story.

rating = pg word count = 1064

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Ebony Anonymity (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: Sitting in a campsite in the dark, two brothers can share what might be difficult to admit in other circumstances and perhaps say more than might be prudent to divulge. This is an expanded pinecone.

rating = T word count = 1047

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A Masquerade (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A set of new projects brings with it a set of new problems, new partners, and a dangerous foe. The story continues the adventures of Adam and Kitty that started in At Odds.

rating = T word count = 13, 986

At Odds Series, links to all the stories for this series included.

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The Flume (by Hart4Ben)

Summary:  The timber industry is booming. Anxious to truly use his skills and attempt to make the Ponderosa financially secure for years to come, Adam proposes constructing a narrow gauge rail line and flume from Tahoe to Empire City. But there is a price for becoming a major player in this high stakes game.

Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament. 

Rated:  T  8,870 words

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Then and Now (by Cheaux)

Summary:  Two sides of the same coin, one looks forward, one looks backward and they both struggle in the present.  This post Season 14 story is set in 1878 and includes most all of the principal cast from the series run.

Written for the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament. 

Rated:  T  10,000 words

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At Odds (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: In this story, Adam has returned home but is not sure of what to do and if he should stay. It’s a romance, but a bumpy one as there are detours involving all consuming work, tragedy, and life threatening trouble that will fully engage his mind and his heart until he has found his place and his future.

rating = T word count = 27599

At Odds Series, links to all the stories for this series included.

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A Jack of Spades (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: This began as a Pinecone but I couldn’t fit it all in there so here is the rest of the story — Little Joe Cartwright finds that having skill with a pistol and a fast draw isn’t the same as being good in a gunfight, and he has second thoughts about whether he should have gotten himself into such a predicament.

rating = T word count = 1156

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Long Ago and Far Away (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Ben’s memories of the past and dreams of the future all revolve around a simple pearl ring.

Rated: K (679 words)

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Without You (by PSW)

Summary: The brothers share a bittersweet day.  Written for the July 15 Pinecone Challenge and (very slightly) expanded for inclusion here.  Prompt/lyrics: God only knows what I’d be without you. (Brian Wilson, Tony Asher)

Rating: K   WC: 576

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