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Hostage (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  a story of captivity, survival and compassion

Rated: T  – Word Count: 40500

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Takin’ Charge #2 – The Story of Ruth (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  A follow up story for Takin’ Charge

Rating K+  Word Count: 6300

Takin’ Charge Series, links to all stories of this series included.

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My Brother’s Keeper (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  The brothers perspective of the Season 4 episode.

Rated: K – Word Count: 7340

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Ghosts of Christmas Past (by Becky S)

Summary:  A Later-season story with Candy and Jamie.

Rating:  G  (3,700 words)

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Be My Valentine? (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  For twelve-year-old Joseph Cartwright, things go from bad to worse as he struggles with the most “mushy-gushy” school assignment he’s ever been given. When all his efforts to solve his dilemma fail, there’s only one person who can stand between him and the painful consequences he’s destined to reap—Adam.

Rated: K  WC  15,100

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Growing Pains (by Helen A)

Summary: Growing up isn’t easy, physically or emotionally, as Joe Cartwright discovers.

 Rated: T (29,565 word)

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Ben and Elizabeth – A Celebration of Love (by deansgirl)

Summary:    You are hereby invited to the behind the scenes story.  How did Elizabeth and Ben meet?  This story celebrates their love story.  From the day they met to the product of their love.

Rated: K+ (3,280 words)

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The Man in Black (by deansgirl)

Summary:  A girl traveling alone to Virginia City meets a piece of her past and The Man In Black.

Rated: K+ (1,385 words)

The Man in Black Series, links to all stories of this series included.

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Becky’s Bonanza World Anthology (by BeckyS)

Summary:  The vignettes contained within were written and posted in the long-gone Bonanza World website.  Individually, they are too short to post in the Brand Library as stand alone stories, so we have created this anthology to help preserve these stories.

Rating:  G

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Like Father Like Son (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:   Some light-hearted chat between father and son.

Rated: K+  Word Count:  665

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