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The Contract (by Gwynne)

Summary:  Comancheros and a contract with the Army spells trouble for those on the Ponderosa.

Rating:  T  (16,650 words)

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There Are More Things… (by KateP)

Summary:  It’s Halloween on the Ponderosa and Ben has a visitor from England.

Rated: K+ (6,610 words)

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Knowing Isn’t Everything (by Robin)

Summary:  The ‘Brain Game’ Bonanza style.

Rating:  T  (1,480 words)

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Death Star (by Robin)

Summary:  With Rona’s permission, I am posting “Death Star” as inspired by her Adam Death fic.  

Rating:  T  (2,620 words)

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Watching ‘Ponderosa’ (by Robin)

Summary:  It couldn’t beat the original, but sure was good for a REALLY Lost Episode.

Rating:  T  (1,110 words)

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My Son, My Son, My Cancelled Wedding (by Robin)

Summary:  Even my own stories aren’t safe from a REALLY Lost Episode story.  Inspired by A Modern Cartwrights Story 4 – Remnants of the Past.

Rating:  T  (2,625 words)

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Homing Pigeons (by Robin)

Summary:  When it’s only men, they become slightly distracted on the risque’ side when discussing pigeons, or was it horses?

Rating:  T  (2,500 words)

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The Tiger Puzzle (by Robin)

Summary:  The Cartwright brothers come to the aid of sisters; however, will they be able to help the damsels in distress?  If you know the brothers, you know where this is going — risque’.

Rating:  T  (1,135 words)

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In Memoriam to Borelli (by Robin)

Summary:  A WHN for The Deadliest Game.  They’ve come from all over to pay their respects, and we find that really nothing is sacred to this group.

Rating:  T  (2,940 words)

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Missing Adam (by Robin)

Summary:  Ponderosa is the place to be.  Ranch living is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide.  Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.

Rating:  T  (3,070 words)

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