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From Ashes (by PSW)

Summary: Healing is hard, and takes its own path. A post-Hoss, post-Alice story.

Rating: K+   Word Count: 23,500

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Last Minute Miracle (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A WHIB for the episode The Honor of Cochise. What was happening back at the camp while Ben was riding as fast as he could to Fort Barry? Read, and find out.

Rated: T (a strong T for racism, gore, and minor bad language)

Word Count: 1,313

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Lassiter (by Krystyna)

Summary:  It’s been two years since the events that almost saw two of the Cartwrights hung for a crime they didn’t commit.

Rating:  T  (6,550 words)

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East, West: Home’s Best–The Westerners (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: To help Adam’s friend George, Little Joe has impulsively boarded a ship for Boston. Now it’s up to Adam to chase him down and bring him home.
Rating: K (97,504 words)
Links to the stories in this series are included within.

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Hop Sing’s Fortune Cookies (by wx4rmk)

Summary:  Just some short drabbles/snippets (each 100 words) inspired by a posted fortune. Completed the first 5 or 6 fortunes that were missed during the original challenge in the forums and then combined them all to be posted here. Written for the 2019 Fortune Cookie Challenge.

Rating: K+ /  Word Count: 1668

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When Lies Wound a Broken Heart (by Missjudy)

Summary: Ben’s presence with his family is sporadic and brief. Adam is feeling frazzled with running the ranch and caring for his brothers. Hop Sing is holding his breath wondering if the family can ever be the same, and Little Joe has heard something in town that his very young heart believes, despite all evidence to the contrary. (A prequel)

Rating: K

Word Count: 9990

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When Smiles Reach the Heart (by AC1830)

Summary: Still too restless to head straight home after three years of travel, Adam makes a detour to Ireland. There he discovers the warmth of the people and their strength to overcome adversity.   A new friend teaches him a certain truth about the Irish people.

Rating: T, Word Count: 24,167

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A Different Kind of Desert (by McFair)

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Joe Cartwright dropped his gaze to the vast forest before him with its tall pines, low bushes, and tangled undergrowth – all of them buried in three to four foot high drifts. He was alone. All around him was silence and snow. Winter was a whole different kind of desert.
Rated: PG-13 for mild language and Western violence and brutality
Word count: 20,913

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Reprise (by JC)

Summary: Tragedy affords a middle-aged actor a second chance at the role of a lifetime. (A Jack Richards story, Non-Bonanza)

Rating T (11,709 words)

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A Man That Studieth Revenge (mcfair_58)

Summary:  A WHB & WHN for ‘The Last Haircut’, ‘Marie, My Love’, and ‘The Hayburner’ with a nod to ‘The Truckee Strip’ and ‘The Crucible’. Everyone in Virginia City knew Duke Miller had gotten away with murder, but there were few who knew he had done it before. At the heart of his hate lay one man and but a single goal: the complete and total destruction of Joe Cartwright.

Rated PG-13 for Western brutality and lots of angst and SJS

Word count: 72,114

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