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The Christmas Poem (by PSW)

Summary: Ben, Adam, and Hoss find out there’s a lot more behind getting just the right Christmas present for Pa.

Rating: G
Word Count: 810

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Wrapping the Present (by DJK)

Summary: Summary: Pa volunteers Adam when the pastor needs someone to bring his Christmas vision to life. The result: two rebellious sons in need of some brotherly wisdom.

Rating: K+
Word Count: 1,660

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Merry & Bright (by faust)

Summary: How can one get through the self-loathing and grief at a time like this?

Rating: G
Word Count: 2,070

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The Wrangler (by Questfan)

Summary: There is more than one way to die. A man can still be breathing and yet not living as Joe has discovered. Somebody is sent to find a lost soul and turn him for home once more.

Rating: G
Word Count: 1950

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Late Return (by Silver Sven)

Summary: The family had to rearrange the allocation of their work. Therefore, Joe had to ride out on his own. Did he manage his work?

Rating: G
Word Count: 750

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Christmas Spirit (by AC1830)

Summary: Little Joe learns something special about Christmas, with the help of his brothers.

Rating: T, WC 947

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Moments – A Brother’s Decision (by Missjudy)

Summary: Moments is my new series of stories taking a look at situations that affected the Cartwrights deeply and personally. In this one, we see how something learned in the midst of a decision Adam had to make when he and  Hoss were younger, sheds light on a a question posed in a canon episode. Part 1 is a prequel called October Snow, describing the events as youngsters. Part 2 is entitled Hard Decisions and has Hoss recalling that memory to help his father and brother  understand Adam’s decision in a “what happens during” scene from a familiar episode. Each of the Moments stories are separate with no need to read others in the same series to understand.

Rating: G  Word Count: 9858

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A Christmas Kiss (by mcfair_58)

Summary: All sixteen-year-old Hoss wanted for Christmas was a kiss from Ellie Miller. He was so excited he set off for the Millers’ place before his brothers. Instead of a kiss, Hoss was soon hoping for a Christmas miracle….

Rated: PG
Word Count: 8081

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Stagecoach (by Arien)

Summary:  It’s a stagecoach trip, and everything goes right.  Right?

Rating:  T  (1,740 words)

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To Live in Society (by JulieS)

Summary: Adam realises that he has more to deal with than just the talk surrounding his son.  He soon finds out that even though society deems that he act in one way, deep down his feelings propel him to a different outcome. 

Rating: PG Word Count: 5829

The Way Things Are Series, links to all the stories are included within.

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