Dead Ringer (by Inca ‘aka Tye’)

Summary:  What is the sinister secret of the mysterious house on the cliff?  Adam and Joe are about to find out – the hard way.

WC: 16,570  Rating: T

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By Step, By Half, And by Heart (by DJK)

Summary: Clay sends a telegram to Adam asking him for help. This time Clay’s troubles send the entire Cartwright family down a road that could led to the destruction of Ben Cartwright’s dream or finally bring Joe’s other brother home.  

Rated: T  Word count: 32,335

Between First Borns Series, links to stories within the series are included.

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The Right Thing To Do (by DJK)

Summary: On a trip to San Francisco, the Cartwright brother become involved in fighting political corruption. This story was written for the Paddlewheel Poker challenge. Each writer was dealt a poker hand of elements to include in a story. *note: The character, James King of William, is an actual figure in San Francisco’s history.     

Rated: T  Word count: 12,847 

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QiXi: The Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon (by freyakendra)

Summary: A Chinese fairy-tale, an all-too-human Hop Sing and a carefree moment of make-believe usher the Cartwrights into a nightmare involving Chinese assassins and a beautiful, young woman two men will do anything to possess.

Rated: T  (29,000 words)

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Something So Savage (by freyakendra)

Summary: Two unexpected visitors arrive at the Ponderosa within hours of each other: Adam’s favorite professor from college and a blue-eyed Indian with a skewed understanding of Paiute ways and a twisted view of good vs. evil. Join the Cartwrights as they struggle to get through a night of savage terror that marks Little Joe as a target—and his scalp as a trophy.

Rated: T  WC 28,000

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Kings Over Aces (by freyakendra)

Summary: A businessman is tired of playing by the rules and uses Ben’s sons to manipulate Ben, himself. It falls to Sheriff Roy Coffee, Deputy Clem Foster and a very determined Hop Sing to prevent the Cartwright family from falling like a house of cards. What results is a high stakes game in which Ben must gamble his full house against his rival’s hidden aces.

Rating:  T   (33, 700 words)

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