Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds

Mrs Wharton and the Lesser Breeds

Air Date: January 19, 1969

Written by: Preston Wood

Directed by: Leon Benson

Guest Stars: David Canary (Candy Canaday), Mildred Natwick (Mrs. Wharton), Jess Pearson (Ed), Oren Stevens (Billy Buckman)

Candy sets out to help a feisty and elderly British woman recover the jewels stolen from her in a stage holdup.

Trivia: This was Mildred Natwick’s first and only appearance in the series. A disarming character lady quite capable of scene-stealing, Natwick was a well-rounded talent with distinctively dowdy features and idiosyncratic tendencies who, over a six-decade period, assembled together a number of unforgettable matrons on stage and (eventually) film and TV. Whimsical, feisty, loony, stern, impish, shrewish, quizzical, scheming – she greatly enhanced both comedies and dramas and, thankfully, her off-centered greatness was captured perfectly on occasion by such film directors as John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock and Neil Simon.