Brand Forums Guidelines**

Welcome to Bonanza Brand.  The site administrators are Cheaux and BluewindFarm.  We encourage members to read and follow the Guidelines and should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via PM or send an e:mail to:

The Bonanza Brand website includes a discussion forum, a fanfiction library, an image gallery, and a chat room.  Separate registration is required for each part; however, members may use the same username and password for each location.

For the Forum, Library, and Chat members are able to create their own registration.  When it comes to selecting a username, please refrain from using a Bonanza character name, unless including ‘fan’, ‘girl’, etc.  Acceptable examples are: AdamsGirl, BensWoman, Hoss’pal, etc.  The Brandsters reserve the right to create usernames using Bonanza Characters to make special announcements.

Members should protect their username and password at all times, even though this site does not collect any financial information.

For those wishing access to the Gallery, the configuration of this system requires the member to PM the Brandsters (Cheaux and Bluewindfarm) to request their username registration.  Once created, the system will send out an eMail confirmation.


Bonanza Brand is not responsible for any personal information freely posted by its members.

Artwork, fanfiction, or other creative work, is the intellectual property of the person(s) who created it.  No works may be reposted/uploaded to or from this site without the owner’s or their representative’s permission.  The member creating artwork of Bonanza Characters must receive permission from Bonanza Ventures in order for their works to be posted, and such permission forwarded to the Brandsters for our records.

Be Respectful:

Be respectful when posting about Bonanza, its characters, actors, or creators.  Be respectful of other members – their beliefs, ideas and/or creations that they choose to upload to Brand.   Harassing will not be tolerated.  Any post found in violation this will be deleted and the member will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the Brandsters.

Political / Religious Discussions:

Political or religious discussions are only allowed in the context of a Bonanza episode, with the exceptions of holiday greetings and prayer requests which should be posted in Washoe Diggings.

Posting Images:

Copyright / Watermark:

Bonanza Brand does not encourage or condone the unauthorized posting or manipulation of any copyrighted images. Whenever we become aware of copyright infringement, we will remove the image and notify the poster of this action.

Please do not crop or photoshop an image to remove a watermark in order to post.  Links are allowed; however, members should refrain from embedding the actual video/image when posting.

This Website operates under a license granted by Bonanza Ventures (please see copyright statement link at top of page) which allows the posting of low-resolution images of photos taken on the set of the “BONANZA” series and screen shots from episodes.

To those Bonanza episodes which have lapsed into the public domain, the characters are still under copyright protection by Bonanza Ventures and the ‘cropping out’ of such character image to place within another image is prohibited.

Copyrighted Material of the Actors from other programs

Since photos of “BONANZA” actors in non-“BONANZA” roles may be copyright protected by other entities, Bonanza Brand urges members to avoid copyright violations by verifying ownership and obtaining permission from the copyright holder before posting.  Posters should be aware that simply giving credit to the source of non-“BONANZA” photos does not guarantee full compliance with copyright laws.  Manipulation of these copyright images is also expressly prohibited.

After receiving copyright permission to upload a non-Bonanza image, please include how permission was granted (see Copyright tab) or forward a copy of permission/license to the Brandsters via e:mail or PM


When posting images from the episodes, the title of the episode should be included above or below the screencap.  An exemption is granted to those screen captures posted in a “Guess the Episode” game.

When posting an image from the Gallery, credit must be given to the member who originally uploaded the screen capture, unless the person posting and the one who uploaded in the Gallery are the same individual.  Recognition should be placed immediately below the picture.

Crop-out Boxes:

Crop-out Boxes may be used to crop a screen capture to focus in on an actor/character, item, or scenery within the image; however, the original screen capture must also be uploaded in the same post.  Click –here– for example.

File type:

Images may be uploaded directly into the Forums from a member’s computer without using a third-party hosting site.   It is preferred that Images / screen caps should be saved as .jpg / .jpeg files to minimize the amount of memory used. Please refrain from saving new screencaps as .png files — these files use more memory for the same image, but we understand that some members have older screencaps on their computers previously saved using this format.

Image locations:

If members wish to keep the images in a location other than their computers, they should be loaded into the Gallery and linked to a post using the “Insert Other Media” button (located in the right hand corner, opposite the ‘choose file…‘).  See Maintenance for further explanation.


Moderators will periodically perform maintenance in the Forums, any images uploaded for PODs or in the Casino will be deleted when the old Threads or completed games are purged.

Page Limits:

For popular Topics, threads are limited to 15-pages worth of responses; at that time, a new thread should be created using the same title with a number following.

R/Mature Rated Material:

Brand includes R-rated discussions in the Forums as well as R-rated stories in the Library.

  • In the Forms, these discussions within the Bonanza Discussion Boards -> Bonanza Brand R forum and in the Virginia City Literary Society -> R-Rated Stories forum.
    • Members must be at least age 18.
    • Members wishing access to these forums must have a minimum of 50 posts in the Forums.
    • Request permission by sending either a PM to the Brandsters or an e:mail to: and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age within the message.
  • In the Library, the Brandsters request that readers respect our ratings guidelines; R/MA rated stories are for those over 18 years of age.


Update:  February 2022

**The Brandsters reserve the right to modify these guidelines without advance notice.