A Matter of Circumstance

A Matter of Circumstance

Air Date: April 19, 1970

Written by: B.W. Sandefur

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: Ted Gehring (Griffin), Vincent Van Patten (Tim), Harry Holcombe (Doctor), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

Ben and Hoss leave for a cattle drive and Joe stays at the ranch waiting for the chuck wagon. When a thunderstorm strikes the Ponderosa, Joe is severely injured by spooked horse. He is alone on the Ponderosa as he tries to keep himself alive.

Trivia: This was the final episode for David Canary (Candy Canaday) due to an unresolved contract dispute. He would return in season 14 at the request of Michael Landon and David Dortort.

One of the more unusually filmed episodes, viewers are treated to experiencing what was going on through Joe’s eyes, thanks to marvelous direction by William F. Claxton.

In the original filming, Joe lets out a horrifying scream when he is trampled by the horse. When this episode was re-mastered for syndication, it was decided to remove the scream from the soundtrack because of its intensity.