The Long Way to Ogden

The Long Way to Ogden

Air Date: February 22, 1970

Written by: Joel Murcott

Directed by: Lewis Allen

Guest Stars: Walter Barnes (Emmett J. Whitney), Kathleen Freeman (Ma Brinker), Ray Teal (Sheriff Roy Coffee)

Ben gambles the future of the Ponderosa when a convincing meat packer from Chicago, sets out to ruin the local cattle industry.

Trivia: This was Walter Barnes’ second of three appearances in the series. Barnes worked in countless foreign films of the 1960s, playing roles ranging from crusty law officals to occasional villians. Roles included Captain Sinbad“, John Wayne’s Cahill US Marshal, Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter, Pete’s Dragon and Day of the Animals. Also as a veteran of television, Barnes had guest starring roles in such series including Gunsmoke, Rawhide and Cheyenne.