The Power of Life and Death

The Power of Life and Death

Air Date: October 11, 1970

Written by: Joel Murcott

Directed by: Leo Penn

Guest Stars: Rupert Crosse (Davis), Larry Ward (Sheriff), Lou Frizzell (Dusty Rhoades)

A man is killed and Ben and Joe cross the desert in pursuit of the killer. Ben is shot by Indians wanting to steal their horses and Joe has to cross the desert on foot to get help.

Trivia: This was Rupert Crosse’s first and only appearance in the series. The son-in-law of the legendary Cab Calloway, he was one of the actors Jack Nicholson dedicated his Best Actor Oscar to when he won for As Good As It Gets. Nicholson wanted his old friend Rupert to play opposite him in The Last Detail (1973) as the sailor Mulhall, but Crosse was terminally ill and could no longer work.