A Lonely Man

A Lonely Man

Air Date: January 2, 1972

Written by: John Hawkins

Directed by: William F. Claxton

Guest Stars: Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing), Kelly Jean Peters (“Missy” Miss Hamilton), Peter Hobbs (Judge Henry Hill)

While on vacation, Hop Sing falls in love. Unfortunately, the law prohibits interracial marriage.

Trivia: This was the only episode that featured Hop Sing as the lead character. Though known throughout the world for his role as Hop Sing, Young also played the role of “Number Two Son” in 25 Charlie Chan films during the late 1930s and most of the 1940s; his comedic character was alternately named James, Jimmy, or Tommy Chan.

In 1972, Yung, returning to Los Angeles from San Francisco, was among the passengers on a PSA airliner hijacked by two Bulgarians demanding ransom and passage to Siberia. Yung was wounded along with another passenger, and a third passenger and the two hijackers were killed when FBI agents stormed the plane on the ground at San Francisco.

An accomplished Cantonese cook and the author of one cookbook, Young died on November 9, 1980 from accidental asphyxiation, as he left on a faulty gas stove for heat.