Customs of the Country

The Customs of the Country

Air Date: February 6, 1972

Written by: Joseph Bonaduce

Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Guest Stars: Alfonso Arau (Simon), Alan Oppenheimer (Ernesto), Pilar Seurat (Ines), David Renard (Padre)

Joe is arrested in the Mexican town of Agua Santos for removing his hat in a Church. Hoss comes to his rescue, but comes across the towns quirky rules in the process.

Trivia: This was Arau’s first and only appearance in the series. Arau has had a long and fruitful career, both in front and behind the camera and is one of the most prominent filmmakers of the Latino community in Hollywood. A renowned writer-producer-director-actor in theater and films for the past twenty years, Arau directed in 1969 his first feature film Barefoot Eagle (1969), which he also starred. He has directed many films in Mexico, and he has received 6 Arieles, the Mexican equivalent to the Oscar, and numerous international film awards.