Second Sight

Second Sight

Air Date: January 9, 1972

Written by: Arthur Weingarten, Suzanne Clauser

Directed by: Lewis Allen

Guest Stars: Joan Hackett (Judith Coleman), James Booth (Rev. Jess Avery), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing)

When Jamie is lost in the high country, the Cartwrights ask a clairvoyant woman for her help in finding him.

Trivia: This was Joan Hackett’s second and last appearance in the series. A firm believer in the paranormal, while on location in Texas filming Harnessing the Sun (1980), she persuaded the film’s director, Dirk Wayne Summers, to fly in a clairvoyant-aura reader. She arranged for the entire crew to receive extrasensory readings. The clairvoyant spent a week with the film’s cast and crew. When Summers was asked by a reporter from a Dallas newspaper why he approved such unusual arrangements – and did CBS know – Summers answered that “Joan Hackett is so great to work with and so perfect in her role that I would have flown in Uri Geller if Joan had wanted him.”