Air Date: September 12, 1972

Written by: Michael Landon

Directed by: Michael Landon

Guest Stars: Bonnie Bedelia (Alice Harper), Andrew Robinson (John Harper), Roy Jenson (Mr. Hanley), Robert Doyle (Sloan), Lee De Broux (Krater), Bing Russell (Sheriff Clem Foster)

Joe finds happiness and marries Alice Harper, only to have her and their unborn child murdered. He and Candy set out to find the killers.

Trivia: This was the two hour premiere episode for the 14th season. Written by Michael Landon, this episode was originally written with Hoss as the main character; unfortunately, Dan Blocker’s untimely death in May 1972 caused a change in those plans. Landon put Little Joe in the role of the doomed bridegroom, and with relatively few changes to the original script, shot the episode in June 1972, about a month after Blocker’s death.