Peace Officer

Peace Officer

Air Date:

Written by: Donn Mullally

Directed by: William Witney

Guest Stars: Eric Fleming (Wes Dunn), Ron Foster (Dave Morrisey), Ray Stricklyn (Cliff), Dee Pollock (Chuck), Ted Knight (Mayor Garrett), Clyde Howdy (Deputy Bill Harris)

A gang terrorizes Virginia City while Sheriff Coffee is out of town. The town hires a temporary sheriff, a man who is a legendary lawman. But little does everyone know that this hero is not all he is known to be.

Trivia: Fleming is probably best-known for his portrayal of Gil Favor on the TV western Rawhide. This was Eric Fleming’s third and last appearance on Bonanza, previously appearing in the two part episode, ‘The Pursued.’ His Bonanza TV appearance was his last before his untimely death in September 1966.

He was hired by MGM-TV to film the two-part adventure program High Jungle in Peru. During the shooting of location shots on the Huallaga River, Fleming dove from a dug-out canoe after paddling it beyond the rapids. His body was lost in the turbulent water and was not recovered until three days later.