Ride the Wind Parts 1 and 2

Ride the Wind

Air Date: Part 1 – January 16, 1966; Part 2 – January 23, 1966

Written by: Paul Schneider

Directed by: William Witney

Guest Stars: Victor Jory (Charles Ludlow), Rod Cameron (Curtis Wade), DeForest Kelley (Tully), Tom Lowell (Jabez Ludlow), Warren Vanders (Hoke), Stewart Moss (Aaron), James Noah (Sykes), Clay Tanner (Herb), David Pritchard (Pat), Richard Hale (Winnemucca)

Joe becomes part of Charles Ludlow’s Pony Express, much to Ben’s dismay. This was the first Bonanza episode to be shown in two parts, and was later seen as a full length feature film in other countries; In Mexico, it was called Jinetes del Viento.

Trivia: This was Victor Jory’s first and only appearance in the series. Victor Jory was the boxing and wrestling champion of the Coast Guard during his military hitch, and never lost his big, burly physique. His sinister looks and distinctive voice typed him as a heavy, at which he excelled, but he did occasionally play sympathetic leads, one of which was, oddly enough, the sci-fi cult classic Cat-Women of the Moon (1953).