Horse of a Different Hue

Horse of a Different Hue

Air Date: September 18, 1966

Written by: William R. Cox

Directed by: William Witney

Guest Stars: Charlie Ruggles (Col. Fairchild), Julie Parrish (Patty Lou Fairchild), Skip Homier (Jack Geller), Bing Russell (Clem Foster), Johnny Silver (Snowden), Joe Haworth (O’Leary), Steven Marlo (MacKaye), John McKee (Fairly), Kenneth MacDonald (Sheriff), Chuck Roberson (Larcher)

An old friend of Ben’s shows up at the Ponderosa, and to keep any of the Cartwrights from being killed, has to make sure Little Joe doesn’t win a horse race.

Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-fifth appearance on the series. In this episode he plays Clancy, the black horse Little Joe rides in the town race.