In Defense of Honor

Air Date: April 28, 1968

Written by: William Douglas Lansford, Richard Wendley

Directed by: Marc Daniels

Guest Stars: Lou Antonio (Davey), Arnold Moss (Chief Lone Spear), Cherie Latimer (Bright Moon), Ned Romero (White Wolf)

Ponderosa ranch hand Davey was abandoned by a Ute tribe. He was found by Ben who has taken care of him ever since. While Ben is arranging a treaty between the Utes and white men, Davey falls in love with Bright Moon, the daughter of Chief Lonespear. This leads to situations that threaten the treaty and Bright Moon’s husband to be. The actions of two town bigots complicate matters even more.

Trivia: This episode was originally scheduled to air on March 31, 1968; however, due to coverage of President Johnson’s announcement that he was not seeking re-election, the episode was aired on April 28, 1968 instead.

Lou Antonio (Davey) is a successful director of many TV series, but does continue to act occasionally.