Second Chance

Air Date: September 17, 1967

Written by: John Hawkins, Paul Schneider

Directed by: Leon Benson

Guest Stars: James Gregory (Mulvaney), Bettye Ackerman (Estelle Dawson), Joe De Santis (Isaac Dawson), Douglas Kennedy (Frazier), Jane Zachary (Anna), Ken Drake (Breck), James Beck (Lt. March)

Renegade Indians have been on the rampage. Joe is shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Hoss searches for help and comes upon a wagon train with an odd assortment of people, including a former soldier known for being a coward.

Trivia: James Gregory (Mulvaney) is best known for his portrayal of Inspector Luger on the 70’s sitcom, Barney Miller.

This was Joe De Santis’ third of four appearances on the series. While playing a role with Frank Sinatra on the made-for-TV movie Contract on Cherry Street (1977 – TV), Sinatra remarked to Joe that he “should have played the Godfather.” Joe cherished this comment to the end of his days.