Brand Guidelines

Registration in the Forums is separate from registration in the Fanfic Library and the Gallery. To participate in either the Forums, Fanfic Library or Gallery, you will need to register at all of these locations. You can use the same username and password for each registration.

If you do not post within one year of joining, you will be moved to the Drifters group. As a member of the Drifters group, you will lose access to some of the features found on the forums.

If you wish to regain full access, all you have to do is just reply to any post and you will be automatically moved back into the Greenhorns group.

Please be respectful of other members – their beliefs, ideas and/or creations in any post they contribute to. Also be respectful when posting about Bonanza, its characters, actors, creators or any other shows that have forums here.

There is to be no flaming (engaging in a discussion involving unfounded personal attacks) of any kind – this includes Bonanza Brand members, TV shows, movies, entertainers, other websites, politicians, religious figureheads, etc.

Example 1: “Jamie was a useless addition to the Cartwright household. All he did was whine and get into trouble. His interactions with the family were so stale.” – Flame

“I never really liked Jamie as an addition to the show myself. I don’t feel the writers wrote his interactions with the other members very well.” – Less flamey

Example 2: “How can you be so stupid? Obvious X is so much better than Z.” – Flame

“You’re entitled to your opinion But I still hold that X is better than Z.” – Acceptable.

Diplomatic/political/religious debate is to be restricted to Bonanza and its characters only. Opinions on religions, beliefs and political perspectives that start out in direct conversation about Bonanza then move outside of Bonanza are not allowed. The conversations must remain and adhere to the topic itself and stay within the boundaries of the show. This rule also applies to the shows discussed in the Beyond Bonanza forums as well.

Religious threads that deal with sympathy/holiday wishes and asking for prayers for help and guidance should be posted in The Washoe Diggings forum. The topics that pertain to a show’s religious theme should be posted in the general discussion forum of that show. All other religious topics such as theology, doctrines, circles or the like are not allowed as they belong on spiritual boards.

Please follow the chain of command at Bonanza Brand. If you have a problem with a post/thread in a particular forum, please contact that forum’s host first. Then if the host is unsure of what to do they will approach the Brandsters (admins) about it. Please avoid jumping ranks unless you feel it is a serious infraction. If a forum has no hosts then contact the Brandsters (admins) directly.

Good netiquette is expected at all times. The guidelines we use can be found here: The Core Rules of Netiquette. If post or thread does not adhere to any one of these it will be deleted.

If you’d like to create a feature at Bonanza Brand please clear it with the host of the room/forum you want to post it in. If the room/forum has no host then clear it with one of the Brandsters (admins) first.

Protect your ID and password. Bonanza Brand is not responsible for any personal information freely given out by you.

We have R-rated forums for more adult discussions. You must be aged 18 years or over and a member of the Ranch Hands (minimum of 50 posts) group to gain access to this forum. To gain access please send a private message or email to the Brandsters (admins) stating your name and age or post in The Branding Room to notify us.

All posts in the R-rated forums are to be in good taste and remember the be respectful rule.

There will be no linking to threads from the R-rated forum and there will be no R-rated threads or posts placed outside of this forum on the main board.

Threads are limited to a maximum of 30 pictures/photos/images. When the limit is met the thread will remain open to comments only and there will either be a message posted and/or a message in the topic description line saying that the limit has been met. The only exception to this rule is The Trail Gang (Supporting Actors, Guests, and Crew) forum.

Please limit emoticons (smilies) to 10 per post please. This excludes signatures and quotes.

Signatures are personal expressions and as long as they aren’t derogatory or pornographic in nature and adhere to the Bonanza Brand rules, members are free to put what they like. You can have one image and one emoticon.

Other than for the 31 public domain Bonanza episodes, do not post threads asking for, offering footage or episodes of Bonanza or any of the other TV shows here as this goes against copyright laws. No tape/DVD trading is to be conducted at Bonanza Brand. Members can contact each other privately in regards to this.

Due to concerns about copyright violations, please do not embed Bonanza episodes in your posts, signatures, and profiles, or link to full episodes elsewhere. It is fine to link to a small clip of an episode or a fan video you have created, but please, no full episodes.

Do not hotlink to images from other sites unless you have the express permission of that site’s owner. This is considered to be bad netiquette as you are stealing bandwidth and it may be considered as copyright infringement.

No watermarked photos can be used. They do belong to someone else and they have marked the photo as such. Any watermarked photos found in the Gallery will be deleted.

Do not post images where the watermark has been removed. Even if the watermarked has been removed, the image may have a digital “fingerprint” that allows the copyright owner to trace where their images are being used without permission.

Any artwork, fanfiction or other creative work posted on this forum is the intellectual property of the person who created it. You must seek the permission of the artist, author, etc. before posting/uploading these creative works at any other site. Unless permission is obtained from the artist, author, etc. any creative works that are posted here first, remain exclusive to Bonanza Brand.

Members are responsible for the images they upload to the albums in the Gallery.

You can post links to other sites (not to other boards/forums/groups) that contain information about Bonanza not already found on the Bonanza Brand website or on the Bonanza Brand forums.

Registering as a group is permitted in the Fanfic Library but not in the Bonanza Brand forums. If you are a member of a group you must register as an individual in the forums. If you want to show that you are part of a group, you can put it under your avatar as an optional title.

In order to gain Author status in the Fanfic Library, you will need to have at least 100 posts in the Forums

Bonanza Brand will not accept any plagiarized works in their Library or in any literary exercise contained on their website. If a work is found to be plagiarized it will be removed as will any and all other works by the offending writer found in all parts of our website (Library and Discussion Forums).

It will be assumed that all members have read these rules – so please be aware of them.

If you have any questions please contact us at