Jenny and David Series #1 – Love is Blind (by Cinderella)


Summary:  Jennifer Cartwright, Ben’s adopted daughter, is a rough-ridin’ tomboyish kind of girl, that is, until Pa sends her to check up on David Williams, who had been blinded a few months earlier. Romance, Drama, and Goodbyes all roled into one. The first story in the “Jenny & David” series. CAUTION: Introduces two non-canon characters!

Rated: K+ (5,600 words)

Jenny and David Series:

Love is Blind
Love Me Tender
Bleeding Love

Author: Cinderella

:) I have loved Bonanza since before I can remeber. Joe is my personal favorite; I think most Joe girls can figure out why. Michael Landon is also one of my favorite actors/directors/writers of all time. Although, I suppose, I am most like Adam in my personality. I love Shakespeare, like he does, and I love music in general, like he does.

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