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Library – Update

Readers might notice changes to the Bonanza Brand Fan Fiction Library. Please join us in the Forums to keep abreast of changes being made as well as giving us feedback. Open this file for a link to the VCLS News.
~The Librarians

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A Different Kind of Desert (by McFair)

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Joe Cartwright dropped his gaze to the vast forest before him with its tall pines, low bushes, and tangled undergrowth – all of them buried in three to four foot high drifts. He was alone. All around him was silence and snow. Winter was a whole different kind of desert.
Rated: PG-13 for mild language and Western violence and brutality
Word count: 20,913

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Reprise (by JC)

Summary: Tragedy affords a middle-aged actor a second chance at the role of a lifetime. (A Jack Richards story, Non-Bonanza)

Rating T (11,709 words)

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The Gifts (by Bakerj)

Summary: It’s almost Christmas, but Joe’s eagerness to hunt a wolf lands him in the middle of trouble, and we learn that gifts can come in many forms.
Word count: 3964 Rating: K

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The Duet (by DJK)

Summary: Adam cannot avoid singing a duet on Christmas Eve, and Hoss cannot avoid a damsel in distress.

rating K words: 1158

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Christmas Spirit (by AC1830)

Summary: Little Joe learns something special about Christmas, with the help of his brothers.

Rating: T, WC 947

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Advent Calendar – 2019

Bonanza Brand wishes to thank faust for her time and effort in coordinating and hosting our Fourth Annual Advent Calendar.
Thank you to those who contributed:
Silver Sven, Questfan, faust, DJK, PSW, Belle, SKLamb, wm4rmk, Puchi Ann, Lizabeth, Patina, AC 1830, Sierra Girl, Cheaux, Sibylle, JC, Indiana, BluewindFarm, mumu74

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Moments – A Brother’s Decision (by Missjudy)

Summary: Moments is my new series of stories taking a look at situations that affected the Cartwrights deeply and personally. In this one, we see how something learned in the midst of a decision Adam had to make when he and  Hoss were younger, sheds light on a a question posed in a canon episode. Part 1 is a prequel called October Snow, describing the events as youngsters. Part 2 is entitled Hard Decisions and has Hoss recalling that memory to help his father and brother  understand Adam’s decision in a “what happens during” scene from a familiar episode. Each of the Moments stories are separate with no need to read others in the same series to understand.

Rating: G  Word Count: 9858

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Stagecoach (by Arien)

Summary:  It’s a stagecoach trip, and everything goes right.  Right?

Rating:  T  (1,740 words)

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To Live in Society (by JulieS)

Summary: Adam realises that he has more to deal with than just the talk surrounding his son.  He soon finds out that even though society deems that he act in one way, deep down his feelings propel him to a different outcome. 

Rating: PG Word Count: 5829

The Way Things Are Series, links to all the stories are included within.

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