You Are Not Alone (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Just a little poem from the perspective of the three mothers: Elizabeth, Inger, and Marie.

Rated: K

Word Count: 243

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My Adam,

When spring has come

And life is fair

And things are good and right

When faith is strong

And you are bold

With youthful courage bright

Remember this –

My little one,

The child of my bone –

This wisdom that I taught you:

That you are not alone.


My Eric,

When summer comes

on springtime’s heels

And love is in the air

When heartbeats pound

A wild reel

That have your senses snared

Remember this –

Min älskling*,

Oh, child of my own –

This wisdom that I taught you:

That you are not alone.


My Joseph,

When autumn comes

And winds of change

Are blowing here and there

When life has slipped

From loveliness

Into a bleak despair

Remember this –

Mon petit-fils*,

Oh, child of my own –

This wisdom that I taught you:

That you are not alone.


Our sons,

When winter comes

And youth has passed

And old age settles in

When friends have left

And family’s gone

And life is frail and thin

Remember this –

Our little ones,

The children of our bones –

This wisdom that we taught you:

That you are not alone.


Our sons,

Though we weren’t there

To hold your hands

And watch you learn and grow

You’ve had each other

To lean upon

Through every high and low

Remember this –

Our little sons,

The children of our bones –

Though we were not there with you:

You were never alone.

~ Finis

Author Notes:

*Min älskling is Swedish for “my darling”.

*Mon petit-fils is French for “my little son”.

I wrote this for another writing challenge on Bonanza Boomers. I was given the song title “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson and had to create a story or poem using only the song title as my inspiration. This is what I came up with.

Tags: Elizabeth Cartwright, Inger Cartwright, Marie Cartwright, poetry.

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Author: Annie K Cowgirl

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11 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone (by Annie K Cowgirl)

  1. This is so beautiful and touching and haunting. I have always thought of the mothers as always watching over their sons. Always.

  2. Poetry is not as easy to write as it is to read, and yours has a lovely, soothing flow to match the sentiment. Well done, Annie. 🙂

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