The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright (by DebbieB)

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Summary:  This IS the final chapter to Chinese Molasses, a story I once thought finished.  But with so many requests for more, I was forced into adding to the ongoing plot.  Prelude to Rebirth, will explain without details, what really happened to Joe Cartwright when Lin Wong returned unexpectedly a year later.  After believing to be dead, Lin Wong enters the Cartwright home and finds Joe alone.  From that meeting, Joe’s nightmare becomes a reality that takes him from one lifetime into another, where he seeks refuge.  The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright, tells of Joe’s struggles, his strengths, and his determination to rise above what this highly abusive man inflicted upon him.  The unconditional love of Ben Cartwright, is highly portrayed and much of Joe’s recovery is credited to his father.

Rated:  G ( May be read with or without Prelude to Rebirth) (24,000 words)

Even though this story is rated G, it will be difficult to follow the why, if the previous stories in the series have not been read.

Chinese Molasses Series:

  1. Chinese Molasses
  2. Frightened Beyond Reason
  3. In My Father’s House
  4. Prelude to Rebirth
  5. The Rebirth of Joe Cartwright


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