Broken Wheel (by indiana)

Summary:  Two brothers face their first Christmas after ‘She Walks in Beauty’.

Rating:  G   555 words


Broken Wheel


Disclaimer: WHN “She walks in Beauty”  (Forgive the poor style and grammar).

December 22, 1863, today.

Adam and I have the great responsibility to find the perfect tree for Christmas, kind of  special mission since our young brother is at home with a broken arm.

I prefer avoid the subject of a Joe in a bad mood.

Looking at my brother Adam in this special day  brings to my memory an event,  when I thought that our relationship was broken forever.

Four month ago, August 1863:

I felt like a wagon with a broken wheel.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking “funny way to describe a feeling”, but I’m not like my big brother. Yep, this brother, the handsome one, the smart one, the educated one  who knows about poetry, and literature, and who speaks so well. This brother who has kissed my Lady.

The brilliant Adam Cartwright has broken everything, my heart, my hope… me. I almost killed him, yeah, me, Hoss the gentle giant, as people like to describe me. I’m not gentle, I am a man, a strong one, and sometimes I feel like a volcano under control.

Now I am there, alone, trying to find again the peace. My eyes looking at the beautiful and peaceful Lake. The little waves, dancing with the wind, are so joyful, and shine like tiny little stars.

I can hear the birds, singing, maybe building their nest for their future family.

I will never have a family of my own, because of you Adam….Adam I hate you with all my heart….Adam I have hated you with all my heart, I…I wanted to kill you,  my brother, my best friend.

I am so sorry, so sorry.


-“how dare you to come here ?”

-“I…..I….I am so sorry. Please, just listen to me. No…please…just listen. I was wrong. I have been awkward, I made the bad choice . I spoke to her, and I should have talk to you first . You’re a man, not a boy, and sometimes I forgot it. Sometimes I feel like you are still the baby I had to protect from the bad. I am just a stupid guy. Who  am I to tell you that a woman isn’t good for you ?  I am unable to keep a woman, unable to make the good choice for myself. I acted like a selfish guy.

Hoss you’re more than my brother, you know that.  You are my best friend. I feel like a wagon with a broken wheel since our fight. I…..”

-“You WHAT ?”

-“ excuse me ?”

I burst out laughing, and seeing the stupid expression on my brother’s face I laughed again and again, my ribs ached, and the tears on my face weren’t tears of sorrow, or maybe a bit. And Adam’s face was worth the journey.

And we laughed together during a few minutes yet ;  then we have  talked, and we are stayed quiet,  him and I,  till the sunset gives to the lake the color of fire.

Today, December.

I was looking at you, holding the axe for the tree you thought the best one for our home. Our home…our family…my brother. In this special day,  I know deeply Adam, that I forgive you with all my heart. I love you Adam. We are a family, the four wheels of a special wagon: unbreakable.

The End

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Author: indiana

4 thoughts on “Broken Wheel (by indiana)

  1. This is such sweet Adam and Hoss story. I love the interaction between these two brothers. Thanks

  2. In the aftermath of SWIB, the emotional wounds went much deeper than the physical ones and took longer to heal. In the end, love proved stronger than hate. Thank you for your story. 🙂

  3. I’m glad the brothers could finally laugh at the past and enjoy the festivities of the season.

    Thank you for sharing.

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