Baptism by Fire (by Storm)

Chapter 13:

I was writing this for the mega challenge and I wasn’t sure if it had to run from July to July or just 12 chapters. I have added this epilogue so the story will end where I had planned from the beginning.


I sit on the same spot he sat on all those years ago looking down on the same field. It has changed so little. It was summer then as it is now. My body cried out in agony with each step I took but I ignored it. I had too until I gained victory over the flames that threatened the dream we were building. Now the dream is all but completed and we speed most of our time keeping it going. Maybe it’s time for me to follow a different track. One that is of my own choosing. I received the letter informing me of his death and so close to that of his wife’s. I was away at the time of its arrival so I only just read it and that is why I sit here today. I think pa knows something is coming. Kit had been such an important part of my life even if I didn’t see him much but his death has hit me hard. There are so many things I want to do and see and Kit’s death has brought my own mortality home to me. One never believes one’s heroes will ever die and in a way I guess they don’t. We keep them alive with stories and in our memories. I hear him ride up and I know who it is without having to look.


“Hey pa.”

“So this is where it all started?”


“You know I can picture how you must have looked to Kit and his men.”

“So can I. I must have appeared to be one crazy kid trying to put out a fire with a bucket that had a hole in it.”

“No I’m sure they saw what I still see. A very determined young man who goes after what he wants against all odds.”

“Pa I think…”

“We can talk about this later Adam. Right now I think we should head on home.”

“Yes pa, home.”


The End

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Author: storm

1 thought on “Baptism by Fire (by Storm)

  1. Excellent story with characterizations of Adam, Ben, and Marie that help understand not only their behavior but their relationships too.

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