What Do You Want in A Man (by Annie K Cowgirl)

SummaryA poem I wrote for the Man In Black’s birthday.

Rated: K+ (260 words)

What Do You Want in a Man?

What do you want in a man?

Do you want him tender and sweet?

Or fiery and savage

Or striking or average

Or one who will sing you to sleep?

What do you want in a man?

Strength or power and fame?

Or money and wealth

Or full of good health

Or a man with gargantuan frame?

What do I want in a man?

I want Shakespeare and poetry fair

I want loving and simple

A man who is gentle

A man who is tender with care.

What do I see in this man?

Something deeper than many it’s true

He is good and he’s studious

Both valiant and serious

And someone with nothing to prove.

What do I see in Adam?

A man loyal to family and friend

He is handsome and manly

witty and handy

A man who will stick till the end.

So what do you see in Adam?

Is it something beyond the outside?

Is it mercy and honesty

stubbornness, quality

Something so very alive?

I hope these are things that you see

When you gaze on this wonderful man

He is all that I’ve written

And more, if you’re smitten,

Take a look at him, you’ll understand.

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Author: Annie K Cowgirl

Thank you for stopping by to read my humble stories!

7 thoughts on “What Do You Want in A Man (by Annie K Cowgirl)

  1. What talent! He is all the things you wrote and much more besides. He is such a fascinating puzzle to reason out and even then, there is always one more layer, one more door to open! Great job!

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