Episode Inspired Stories

Over 170 episodes have inspired stories in the Bonanza Brand Library.  Click on the episode title to reach its listing of stories.

MA-Rated /R-Rated Stories – May contain explicit language and adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please heed our rating guidelines.

A Darker Shadow 

A Deck of Aces

A Dime’s Worth of Glory**

A Home for Jamie**

A Hot Day for a Hanging^

A House Divided

A Matter of Circumstance

A Question of Strength^

A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town

A Ride in the Sun

A Rose for Lotta

A Stranger Passed this Way

A Time to Die^

A Time to Step Down

Alias, Joe Cartwright 

All Ye His Saints


Any Friend of Walter’s

Badge Without Honor

Between Heaven and Earth

Bitter Water*

Blessed are They^

Breed of Violence 

Broken Ballad

Bullet for a Bride 


Calamity Over the Comstock 

Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing 


Credit for a Kill 

Dark Star 

Day of Reckoning*

Day of the Dragon 

Death at Dawn 

Decision at Los Roblos 

Desperate Passage 

Different Pines, Same Wind 

Elegy for a Hangman^

Elizabeth, My Love 


Enter Mark Twain 

Escape to Ponderosa 

False Witness 

First Love **

Five Candles

Five Into the Wind

Five Sundowns to Sunup

Forever – Pt 1 & 2

Found Child 


Gallagher’s Sons**

Gideon, the Good**

He Was Only Seven**

Hoss and the Leprechauns 

Inger, My Love

Invention of a Gunfighter^

Is There Any Man Here?^

Journey Remembered 


Kingdom of Fear^

Long Way to Ogden^

Look to the Stars*

Love Me Not*

Marie, My Love 

Mighty is the Word

Mr. Henry Comstock

My Brother’s Keeper 

No Less a Man 

Old Sheba 

Once a Doctor**

One Ace Too Many

Pride of a Man 

Return to Honor 

Ride the Wind – Pt 1 & 2

Right is the Fourth R 


Salute to Yesterday 

San Francisco 

Second Chance 

Second Sight 


She Walks in Beauty 

Shining in Spain 


Song in the Dark


Square Deal Sam^


Thanks for Everything, Friend 

The Actress

The Artist

The Auld Sod 

The Avenger 

The Burma Rarity 

The Cheating Game

The Code 

The Countess 

The Crucible 

The Dark Gate 

The Deadliest Game

The Deadly Ones 

The Dowry 

The Far, Far Better Thing 

The Fighters 

The First Born 

The Flannel-Mouth Gun^

The Friendship 

The Gamble 

The Gift 

The Grand Swing**

The Gunmen

The Hanging Posse 

The Hayburner 

The Honor of Cochise 

The Hopefuls

The Hunter 

The Julia Bulette Story 

The Jury*

The Lady from Baltimore 

The Last Haircut 

The Last Viking 

The Late Ben Cartwright

The Lawmaker 

The Legacy 

The Lonely House***

The Magnificent Adah 

The Mill

The Mountain Girl

The Newcomers**

The Night Virginia City Died 

The Other Son 

The Paiute War 

The Pressure Game

The Ponderosa Matador**

The Pure Truth 

The Quality of Mercy 

The Quest 

The Rattlesnake Brigade 

The Ride 

The Saddle Stiff

The Savage 

The Silence at Stillwater^

The Smiler^

The Spanish Grant

The Spitfire 

The Stalker 

The Stillness Within 

The Storm 

The Strange One^

The Stranger

The Tall Stranger 

The Tin Badge 

The Trap 

The Truckee Strip 

The Waiting Game 

The War Comes to Washoe 

The Way of Aaron

The Wooing of Abigail Jones 

The Wormwood Cup^

Three Brides for Hoss

Thunder Man^

To Die in Darkness 



Twilight Town 


Walter and the Outlaws

Winter Kill^

Woman of Fire 

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