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And Hell Rode With Him (by EPM)

Summary: Its late October and the boys are out on the range. Will a stranger take one of them away?

Rated: K+  WC 3550

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Where Angels Fear To Tread (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  A certain Cartwright must find within him the wherewithal to face his greatest fear.   The life of another may well depend on it.

Rating K+ (2,350 words)

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That Shrinking Feeling (by Claire)

Summary:  Adam and Hoss play an elaborate practical joke on Joe that has unforeseen consequences. 

Rated: T (9,745  words)

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I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (by Susan G)

Summary:  Traveling alone late at night, Joe encounters a young girl lost.

Rating:  T  (4,830 words)

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A Bit (by Nanuk)

Summary: What is it a man needs most? Just a bit, a bit of …

Rating:  K+  (1,100 words)

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Ghost Wagons (by GinnyF)

Summary:  Tall tales? Ghost Stories?  Or did it really happen?

Rating:  K+  (850 words)

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Witch Hunt (by Rona)

Summary:  Ben returns home with bad news for the family, but Joe in particular. Patty is once more at large.

Rated: T (9,850 words)

Witches Coven Series, links to all the stories within the series are included.

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Hellbent (by Wrangler)

Summary: Ben and Joe have a layover in the town of Hellbent. That’s where the highly logical patriarch of the Ponderosa, and his highly illogical son, Joe, get a good dose of what a ghost town is all about.

Rated: K  WC 14,000

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Poltergeist (by pkmoonshine)

Summary: A cruel taunt sets off a chain of unsettling events at the Cartwright homestead. 

Rating:  K+  (15, 325 words)

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The Noose (by GinnyF)

Summary:  A deserted town and strange happenings.  Will the boys survive the night?

Rating:  T (1,820 words)

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