The Maiden With the Chestnut Hair (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary:  A Poem.  The captain’s daughter as seen through the eyes of a young, handsome sailor. Ben/Elizabeth.

Rating: K

Word Count: 172


Look what I found

By the ocean sea,

A whole new world

Waiting there for me.


And that world was tied

To a maiden fair:

To a captain’s daughter

With a playful air.


It was merely chance

That I saw her there,

The maiden dancing

With the chestnut hair.


Her eyes were bright

And her laughter gay

As a schooner tossing

A sea foam spray.


She was wild and free

As the ocean tide

And her heart was deep

As the main* is wide.


She danced on the sand

To a secret tune

That only the gulls

and the seal folk knew.


She stole my soul

With her siren’s spell

As a frigate caught

In a tempest’s swell.


I was lost to her

To that beauty fine,

To that maiden romping

Near the deep blue brine*.


And she gave her heart

To this seaman poor

And made me richer

Than the kings of yore.


Though I lost her young –

My sea sprite fair –

I’ll always love that maiden

With the chestnut hair.

~ Finis

Author’s Notes: 

*Main: another term for the open ocean

*Brine: another term for seawater

I wrote this poem for a writing challenge on Bonanza Boomers called Bonanza Ballads. I was given the song title “Look What I Found” by Lady Gaga and had to write a story or a poem based solely off of that title. This is what came to me.

Tag: Elizabeth Cartwright

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Author: Annie K Cowgirl

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10 thoughts on “The Maiden With the Chestnut Hair (by Annie K Cowgirl)

  1. That is a beautiful and touching poem. I can picture Elizabeth dancing on the seashore, and Ben falling in love with her.

    1. Thank you, Sierras! I had a blast writing this, poem; I’m so glad you can picture it!

  2. How beautifully you showed us their young love. You described Elizabeth so well and I could see Ben with his moonstruck eyes gazing upon her.

  3. I loved this poem! You captured Ben’s heart and expressed so well the love he had for his first love.
    “Elizabeth, My Love” was a very wonderful episode.

    Lorne Green’s acting when his wife was dying was beyond suburb. Thank you for creating this lyrical vignette. Well done !

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