Pa’s Favorite (by Meg)


Summary:  Ages: Amelia 1; Little Joe 7; Hoss 13; Adam 19  Description: Little Joe becomes jealous when Ben starts to pay more attention to little sister Amelia prompting Joe to think that Amelia is Pa’s favorite. Joe’s P.O.V

Rating  K  (3,900 words)

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                                                                Pa’s Favorite


Ever since my step mother Catherine’s death and my baby sister Amelia was born I probably won’t admit this but I was having a hard time adjusting to my new role in the family. I know I will always be Hoss and Adam’s younger brother and I will always be Pa’s youngest son but there was something different.

I am no longer the baby of the family. I don’t know how Hoss was able to adjust being a big brother but it’s hard. I love my baby sister but I don’t know how to be a good big brother to her.

I really like to be a good brother to her just like Adam and Hoss are to me. I hope I get to spend some time with Pa. With raising four kids, I hope Pa won’t be too busy to spend time with me.

Boy was I wrong! All my Pa does is spend time with her. When he’s not out working on the range with Adam he’s at home taking care of Amelia.

He doesn’t have time for me anymore it’s like Amelia is his favorite. Why wouldn’t she be his favorite? After all she is the only girl and like the saying goes “Pa’s little girl…..”

My bedroom door opened and there my father stood his hand on the door knob and has a disappointed look on his face. That’s when I knew that I was in trouble. Boy was I in trouble. I never seen my Pa so angry not that he didn’t have good reason to be I made Amelia cry.

It all started earlier today…….

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Author: Meg

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