Raising Amelia (by Meg)


Rated:  T (14,570 words)

Summary:  Amelia’s mother Catherine snooty over bearing sister Martha makes an unexpected visit to the Ponderosa determine to tear Amelia from her father and brothers apart. Amelia’s P.O.V

Ages: Amelia 12; Joe 18; Hoss 24; Adam 30

Amelia Series:

Pa’s Favorite
My Hero
A Precious Gift
A Letter to Adam
Raising Amelia
Shatter Bond
The Talk
Cartwrights Stick Together


                                                       Raising Amelia


Chapter 1

Little Joe and I walk down the stairs and over to our father and brothers. I knew I had to tell Pa about the letter but I’m so afraid that he would be angry and hurt.

I’m really glad that I told Joe and that he was gonna stand by me when I tell Pa. Even though I am scare I knew that Joe would help me tell him.

“I’m sorry for worrying you all” I said. Pa looks at me and asks “What’s bothering you sweetheart?”

Joe hands him the letter and I prayed that Pa would let me explain and understand how much that letter hurt me. As my father is reading it and I can see that he is getting furious and it made me nervous.

Ben looks at me and asks “Who gave you this?” I take a deep breath and said “Martha”. I can see that Pa is getting livid and I look over at Joe nervously.

“How could you believe this letter” he hollered. I was caught off guard when I realize that his anger was being pointed at me.

“I am so ashamed of you. I am extremely disappointed in you. I thought you knew better than to believe in something like this but I guess I was wrong. You’re mother ask me to promise her that I will take care of you before she died and lord knows I tried to keep that promise but it is clear that I made a mistake to promise her that” Pa hollered.

I was horrified that my father would say that to me but I guess I can’t really blame him. I look over at my brothers and they were stunned. I never seen them so shock.

“Pa please she didn’t want to believe it” I heard Joe say as he tried to jump to my defense. I knew he would and I was grateful to him for that but I could tell that Pa didn’t want to hear it.

I felt my heart beating faster and my body shaking. I knew I was gonna cry but I didn’t want to do it in front of him. I never been afraid of my father before but now I was.

“I’m sorry!” I cried and the next thing I knew I was running out the door and jumping onto Sapphire. I had to get away; I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I was not welcome in my father’s home anymore!

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Author: Meg

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  1. This a real nice story. I don’t know why you didn’t get more comments. Thank You Meg for a nice read.

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